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  1. Stick
    07-10-2009 12:52 PM
    OK I'm white and I did NOT vote for BHO in the last election either but not because of his skin color, because of what he stood for. I'm a deported "damn yankee" living in Fayetteville, Jawjah and, sorry 'bout this but your skin collor just don't mean nuthin 'cause He put you here to do His work. I'm a VN vet. '67-'68 and never saw segregation until I went to Fort Puke Lousyanna in '65 for AIT. I grew up with JFK and MLK and what either of them said meant everything if one would only have listened to them. Both of them were Great Patriots and Great Americans but the majority of folks just let what they said sink in. There's a gift out there for every one of His creations to claim and when they do their become color blind and love what He's created for them.
    Don't get me wrong I'm really not a preacher or a Bible thumper but I'm damn glad you're here. You've made us think. Thank you.
    BTW, He loves you too, it's in the book.
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