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  1. focusoninfinity
    12-01-2011 08:35 PM
    Greetings from Southport, N.C. Thank you for your Battle of New Orleans Indian comments, as my kinsman was Choctaw chief, Capt Peter Juzan. Our in-common ancestor is "Don Pedro", Pierre Francois Gabriel de Juzan, DAR ally Patriot, who ran Spanish service agents amongst the Indians against British agents amongst the Indians. His father being French marine of Mobile, Alabama, aide Maj. Pierre Gabriel de Juzan, killed in combat against Chickasaws, 1730's First Battle of Ackia, Tupelo, Mississippi Military District. His kinsmen killed Second Battle of Ackia, were Canadian marines, Capt. Antoine de Tonty, and aide Maj. Charles Pierre de Liette. In Paris, they were called "ancient Italians". Juzan's mother was Michelle de Liette de Juzan, "of the King's cabins", Versailles. Baron Alphonse de Tonty, Henri de Tonty, and Antoine's father invented the Tontine system of insurance. My ancestor at the Battle of New Orleans, was senior City of New Orleans attorney, Adj. Lt. John (W?) Nixon, deJeans 1st Louisiana Militia, who fought on the far west bank until over-run, when he spiked his two light cannon, and retreated. The cannon and regimental flag may have gone to the War Trophy Room, Whitehall, England? Lt. Nixon was entombed 1849 Biloxi, Miss. where he owned the Nixon House Hotel. Another descendant is my uncle, Col. Ned Wootten, USAF (Ret), Cold War asst air attache to Moscow, and air attache to Poland. Jim
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