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Conversation Between Noah Werka and Boats
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  1. Boats
    09-15-2018 07:47 AM
    Noah - Welcome aboard Mate. How did you find our site? Did you find it interesting?
    Let us know if you have any issues with Dave's program. Dave posted a music link on the opening page left column click on it - it will open up a listing of music of the day in what ever time period you want to listen to. I go there often and drink a couple beers and reflect on those days long gone. I don't live in the past - but it is part of my life.

    You have a great day

  2. Boats
    09-15-2018 07:43 AM
    Noah - who did you fly for? What state you located in? Are you currently retired? I got the release two years ago. What a bummer! I wasn't ready but its most likely for the best I would've had to retire anyway my wife got idiopathic neuropathy no cure the poor kid really has it hard. She's down to 94 lbs and has uncontrollable nervous system issues. Can't sit for long nor can she lay down without her body jerking from the condition. Doctors say it was caused by her getting an empty sella in her brain. Worst thing in the world to have gone wrong and of course incurable.

    Well Noah it seems you and HC already know each other - again I'm Boat's is you need to talk just let HC or me know - we're getting really good at it.

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