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    10-31-2021 07:55 AM
    Good morning Boats and Recon!

    I am damn tardy, as usual - but with all the best of intentions! .

    You both raise a really interesting phenomenon of our time on PF since 2002 (holy shiat!) and, when we think about it as we do, the whole era we have just lived through since then.

    Our old friend SuperScout and I, like many people, mostly went over to Facebook for the daily stuff - but we both fondly stayed faithful to PF, believe me. We'd mention it to one another in certain contexts. Starting in 2016 or so Facebook began to get a lot more sinister though... censoring, sending out warnings, blocking conversations, deleting stuff for no good reason. So, I left it. Scout is still on there I think, but mostly posts broadsides against the fools in charge of our government and media. The obnoxious advent of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc etc etc I think took a lot out of forums like PF. But, here WE still are!

    I'm 75 too, and have been to the VA myself more times in the past year than in the previous 20 years! The human machinery is starting to have parts breaking down, and getting tired. But, I am a happy guy, wonderful sweet-natured wife, and the last kid of 6 just about to get out of high school. I spend most of my free time trying to pay attention on military sites like Together We Served and PF, and whatever news source is trustworthy - which ain't much... making an effort to keep the freaking Commies and Black Lives Matter from destroying the planet and our sanity.

    I'm with my local Legion Post 716 here in town, but this being SoCal almost everybody in the region is a card carrying Socialist who cannot stand to hear a different point of view. So, I generally avoid contact - I am too damn old to go to the pokey for assault and battery... plus which I might break a wrist in the attack.

    Godspeed to you two old farts, too. Tell David and HC that I have not forgotten the old days either. Be careful out there, things ain't right with the world at the moment.

    e-addy =

  2. Boats
    10-12-2021 02:03 PM
    Welcome back Blue its been awhile - I hope your health is good.
    Wow Blue - great to see your post. Yea I can understand - how the site is a ghost town
    the last few years. HC - Reco and myself have done our best but I'm surprised
    the amount of readers we get and it has picked up - but no actual postings?
    My health is going downhill got the VA on my ass to get more testing. I've lost 85 lbs. in the last 8 months and they are not happy. Got all my virus shots and flu shot and I take my meds but now I got the CT scans earlier but now they want MRI test. I suspect they know something - but they haven't yet said anything. Other than that - the wife is almost 80% handicapped and has lost a lot of weight and has tremors. I turned 75 on May 3rd and the time seems to be going quicker each year of late. David - Reco - HC and myself are still posting and it seems we have a good following - but nobody has signed up of late.
    My email address is [email] if you wish to chat. Try to stay active and I hope to see more of your postings.
    By the way I'm also a Life Member of the VFW Post 6448 in Dyer, IN - what a crowd plenty of laughs and they do many other things like long biker's rides (not me too old for that anymore - they and have poker games - and hot food specials periodically. We still have a few Korean - WWII guys the last WWI past away not long ago. Several VN - guys I'm one - and some Iraq - Gulf war and now Afghanistan guys - if you got a local VFW go to it and shoot the shit - and have a few beers - or shots - but don't be a loner - interact and talk about what's what! I hope your health is good and your family is also well.
    God Speed and Blue - let us know if we can be any help. You're not alone.
    Best regards to You and Your Family
  3. reconeil
    05-15-2012 09:39 AM
    If a all possible, please contact me somehow.
    My e-mail is
    Given what seems like an overall patriotfiles abandonment,
    it's getting downright lonesome around here.
    I tried finding & contacting you before, but could not do.

    03-22-2012 06:25 PM

    If this response goes through back to you... then that means I AM able to post on PF again!

    I have not been able to reply to a message or a thread for a long long time - for cyber-technical reasons only - not having to do with the function of my own computer.
  5. reconeil
    09-28-2011 08:41 AM
    Even though understanding why others absurdly herdlike avoid posting or replying on Patfiles,...I don't understand why you too no longer post here? What's wrong? Tried asking Boats pretty-much same, but to no avail. So,...please let me know if you even received message?


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