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HARDCORE 01-17-2019 05:41 PM

A Short Prayer For Our Continuing Survival

We have but “ONE PRESIDENT” and we have but “ONE GOVERNMENT!” And that government is mandated by the people themselves to work on their behalf – one and all! And although a variety of opinions and views are essential to our being, it must always be remembered that the people themselves, and not the politics of the moment, or even the agenda of any one political faction, is the grease that has, and forever must, lubricate the tracks of our continuing existence and progress, if we are to continue to survive and thrive!

“This is not a country of one alone!” It is rather a mighty nation of some 320 million opinionated people, most of us patriots, but all if us mortal and fallible! And as no individual, is ever right 100% of the time - and contrary to the egos and the agenda of those who would be kings, we all have an equal voice in the operation of “This Government!” And should we ever lose, surrender, or even give away our voice, the world may never again regain it or the freedoms that countless thousands of patriots have sacrificed all of their tomorrows to gain and to dignify!

Life here, within The United States of America, is not a given and it is not a gift! It is rather a responsibility, upon which we never receive a paid in full notice, but it is ours, none the less! And although we merely pay a lifetime of rent for our freedoms and our liberties, “The Almighty Willing”, we will always have the capital, the resolve, and the courage to keep up the payments? (So Help Us God!)


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