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Boats 10-12-2018 11:05 AM

Coast Guard Hurricane Michael response
Coast Guard Hurricane Michael response
U.S. Coast Guard sent this bulletin at 10/11/2018 08:12 PM EDT

Coast Guard Hurricane Michael response

MOBILE, Ala. Coast Guard crews continue response efforts along the path of Hurricane Michael, Thursday.

As of 6:30 p.m., Coast Guard crews have rescued approximately 40 people and assisted 232.

Coast Guard shallow-water response teams have been conducting search and rescue efforts and removing debris from the roadways to ensure emergency services are able to access the roads. The shallow-water response teams helped assist 142 nursing home patients to a bus that transferred them to a safe haven at a Pensacola hospital.

Coast Guard Port Evaluation Assessment Teams are assessing damage caused by the hurricane and have been actively engaged with port partners to ensure reopening of Pensacola and Panama City waterways.

Coast Guard pollution responders are evaluating waterfront facilities, sunken, damaged or capsized vessels and conducting overflights to ensure mitigation of hazards to the maritime environment.

The general public should remain cautious, even in ideal conditions, and be aware of hazards, storm surge debris, and possible flooding conditions due to the hurricane.

If you, your friends or family need emergency assistance, call 911 and provide your location, zip code, street name and number of people in need of assistance.

Do not call for rescue if you are not in a life-threatening situation. Rescue teams are prioritizing rescues by urgency. We are not able to facilitate requests for assistance on social media.

For those who want to volunteer with search and rescue efforts in Florida, or donate, please visit

To help those affected by Hurricane Michael, you can donate through the American Red Cross.

For frequent updates, please visit Twitter and Facebook at and

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