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HARDCORE 05-20-2022 10:00 PM

Pull Together Or Pull Apart

“Damn it - wake up people, you are gradually being talked to death!”

And just how much of what you are being spoon-fed on the tube, or within the rags, is actually one-hundred percent true, and not just some bureaucratically-approved, pre-digested hog-wash, that is geared to befuddle and to confuse even the most rational of thinking people? And in the process, to continue to rake-in the big bucks, and to advance the vested agendas, and over-feed the already towering egos of the brandy before lunch bunch!

And just how many of these “Pies in The Skies” - rapid-firing, and smooth-talking telephone and political, wheelers and dealers, are really what they claim to be either? Or are they just another Joe (or Jill) whose talents are limited to spreading on the B.S. - knee deep?

But look out brother, as that knee-high crap can rapidly become an over your head deluge that promises to engulf all of your senses and quickly ensnare you beneath a mountain of crap that would even drown the most adroit of swimmers - within this tumultuous sea of life - and so (unfortunately) it often is!

So batten-down the hatches my friends, keep a stiff upper lip and most of all, always remember that if something sounds too damned good to be true, including in politics - “IT PROBABLY IS?!”

“Octogenarian Plus” - Hardcore

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