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Boats 11-22-2018 01:30 PM

Court Sentences Ex-Soldier To Over 5,000 Years In Prison
Court Sentences Ex-Soldier To Over 5,000 Years In Prison
By: Agency Report 11-22-18

A Guatemalan court has sentenced a former soldier to 5,160 years in prison for a massacre during one of the worst atrocities of the Central American nation’s civil war.

The court on Wednesday sentenced Santos Lopez to 30 years for each of the killings, or 5,130 years in total.

Photo link of this dirt bag:
Former Guatemalan soldier Santos Lopez Alonzo at the Supreme Court in Guatemala City, on August 10, 2016, after being deported from the US. Lopez was convicted of massacre of 201 peasants in 1982 in the north of the country.

He received an additional 30 years linked to the killing of a surviving child, but the sentences are symbolic because Guatemala’s maximum prison term is 50 years.

Lopez was a member of a US-trained counterinsurgency force called Kaibil. He was arrested in the US and deported in 2016.

According to the investigation, Lopez belonged to a patrol that committed the massacre in December 1982 in Dos Erres, on the border with Mexico. Lopez was deported from the U.S. in 2016 to face the court, which found him responsible for 171 of the killings.

The soldiers were trying to recover about 20 rifles stolen by rebels during an earlier ambush which left 19 soldiers dead.

A handful of other “Kaibiles” have been convicted, each receiving a sentence of more than 6,000 years in prison.

Three others accused in the slaughter were jailed in the US for immigration violations. Several others are believed to reside in the US.

The massacre occurred during the rule of Efrain Rios Montt, who himself was indicted on charges of genocide and died last April.

This guy Rios Montt allegedly ordered the murders of 1,771 indigenous Ixil-Maya people during his short reign in 1982-83, which came at the height of the 36-year civil war.

Military dictator Efrain Rios Montt faced genocide charges for his role in the conflict that stretched from 1960 until 1996, during which around 200,000 people were killed and another 45,000 disappeared.

Montt allegedly ordered the murders of 1,771 indigenous Ixil-Maya people. He died in April before he could face justice.

According to the UN, about 200,000 people died or were made to disappear during Guatemala’s war, which ended in 1996.


Personal Note:

After reading what they've done - they should have just taken them out to a local city square and either hung them or shot them!

Puttting them in prison will cost them more to feed and shelter them! They are not worth the prison time - they are a waste of human feces - Folks like that should have a public executions so the local people can see that crimes against humanity will be dealt with harshly and quickly!


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