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Boats 12-04-2021 03:03 PM

Here's two popular tune(s) from the WWII days
I listen to it often and thought you guys would like to here it one more time.

Skip the ad - the song will start then!

#1 Link:
Put your sound on fairly loud - wow! we need more of that today!
Title: God Bless America by Kath Smith (1942) if you watch it all you will see someone
we all know!
Makes me feel swell and brings back memories from long ago.
Here's another song link (WWII) that the old timer's heard during their day I play it at our VFW post 6448 Dyer, IN
By: Vera Lynn - Title: We'll Meet Again (a favorite of many years ago and I still like it - maybe you will too?
#2 Re:
Let me know (these are where memories are stored for those to learn by.
These type of song(s) would make a jack-rabbit hug a hound back then.
I'm proud to be an American! How about you?

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