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HARDCORE 12-08-2021 04:26 PM

Eighty Years Ago & Counting....

Eight Decades Ago – a multitude of “American Heroes” were murdered by a treacherous enemy, reportedly without warning, on a sleepy little island-paradise that is nestled silently within the “Vast Pacific Ocean”, many miles to the south west of “Mainland U.S. of A.!”

And ever since that “That Date That Will Live On In Abject Infamy - 7 December 1941” - many a war has come and gone, “and yet we still survive!!” And granted again, there will always be those who will seek to bury “Our Great Nation”, but for as long as we continue to maintain our gallant and mighty military, and for as long as we cast aside those who seek to diminish our ability to decimate any (and all) enemies who currently seek to obliterate all that those generations of determined and courageous “Real American Patriots” - fought, bled, and even died to preserve - and that a few “Within Washington D.C.” now seem to want to diminish or even to destroy, we will forever remain a force to be reckoned with – and never have any doubts about that!

The Seventh of December, Nineteen-Hundred and Forty-One,



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