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39mto39g 12-11-2006 03:41 PM

Ammo lot numbers
When in the land of adventure.
About 2-3 months into my vacation to tropical VN, I get a Radio call from out BN. He gave me a couple lot numbers for the 5.56 that we were to have replaced because of possible misfire. I don't think I even Knew ammo had lot numbers. I gave it to LT and he had us all check lot numbers on all ammo, Which meant emptying all Magazines, Im not a LT but emptying all magazines while in the field dosen't sound like a good idea, But I never set foot in a OCS. Shortly after that BN came out with an order that we had to use all ammo every week, I guess to get new lot numbers. Some times this wasn't a problem but there were times that we we in some base camp that does't use 1/35 BN rules and doesn't permmit Live fire from more than a few individuals at one time, Like Da Nang. we had to go to the ocean and with enough replacement ammo we would kill the water. Im not sure when this practice of changing your ammo stopped but when I left VN they were no longer doing it.

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