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amerkinsquid 11-19-2012 05:07 PM

Fast and Furious
Below is a link to a petition that I submitted to the we the people website. I am asking for full and complete disclosure of any and all documentation and information associated with the fiasco named Fast and Furious. This gunsmuggling operation took place on Obama's and Holders watch. They have decided to conceale the information using executive privelege. This operation caused the death of at least 2 of our Border Patrol Agents . They were killed with guns that the Obama administration smuggled into Mexico on the pretext of tracking the guns to their final destination with the drug lords. Please help me get justice for the families of our slain CBP Agents and sign this petition.

reconeil 11-22-2012 04:34 AM

Wish you luck with the petition (a Great Thanksgiving Day also), Amerkinsquid.

But if 2 murdered Americans on our southern Open Border and 4 murdered Americans on American Soil in Benghazi obviously don't phase: "His Barackness" and/or The Emperor Obama,...I doubt very much that a mere 25,000 signatures on some petition will bother Dems' and mainstream press/media's adored: "Messiah", one iota.

Hell, in one big city alone Barry or Barack most likely got at least 25,000 bogus or illegal registration signatures and votes.

So then, and since Dems & Their Press obviously were quite successful at keeping likelyhood that MANY THOUSANDS (if not millions?) of Illegal Votes were cast from: "We The People", what chance do you think your petition will have?

Regardless, I wish us all luck hope the families of those murdered and all Americans are eventually TOLD THE TRUTH by ALL in America's Officialdom,...and especially from The Prez for-a-change.


reconeil 11-22-2012 07:51 AM

Also, and since such an obvious accusatory of Obama & Administration petition will be posted on Obama's very own White House site,...don't hold your breath waiting for such a fine petition to be permitted doing any good whatsoever.

If the Godly Arrogant or Audacious One has proved can keep most all else self-demeaning or incriminating from The American People indefinitely, your petition putting such a great side-stepper's feet to the fire...doesn't stand-a-chance-in-hell.

Besides and since one must reveal ones true identity before signing the petition, such also isn't very reassuring.

Even Dems with a little muscle exposed for what truly are, can be pretty-damn-vindictive.

Those with lots of muscle (elected or appointed) can even sig the IRS on any anti-Obama/Marxist types.

Heard somewhere that both Bill O'Reilly & Glenn Beck were put through hell by IRS since not toeing The Politically-Correct (great oxymoron), Obama & Lordly Marxist line.

Sorry, Amerkinsquid.


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