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HARDCORE 05-06-2008 06:16 AM

Here We Go Again???
With the after effects of Cyclone Nargis still being felt in Myanmar (Burma), and the death toll standing at some 22,000 and rising, the United States (as usual) is offering assistance! It makes no difference if some of the nations that we offer to help are hostile, the United States is there with bells on!

The “Milk of Human Kindness” is a splendid thing, but then so is appreciation and respect! We have not been getting much of either lately, not even (or so it seems) from a few elements of our own government?

I do believe that even if we were on the doorsteps of oblivion, a few in the political arena would not miss a beat? Self, ego, power, and glory mean far more to a privileged few, than the welfare and survival of the majority, in my opinion. And anything as trivial as truth and fair play, usually finish a distant second!

“This is not the way that it has to be, or even the way that it should be, but rather it is just the way that it is!” I guess that keeping up a foreign image is, of late, far more important than tackling the problems on the home front?

It is a wonderful thing to be a friend to the world, but this very same friendship should (and must) be a two way street! Granted, we do have some staunch friends and allies, but not every critter in the old barn is of a friendly nature, and reaching out in friendship to a coiled rattler will get you but one thing - and it ain’t pretty!!


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