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HARDCORE 09-04-2008 01:01 PM

World's First "Soldiers' Sanctuary"

World's First "Soldiers' Sanctuary"
September 03, 2008
PR Newswire
FAYETTEVILLE, NC -- A North Carolina county has declared itself a "Soldiers' Sanctuary," and enlisted a citizen "Army's Army" to defend.

On September 5, in a statement of support for the nation's military men and women, Cumberland County, N.C. will declare itself the "World's First Sanctuary for Soldiers and Their Families," with major roads entering the county marked by official blue and white "Sanctuary" signage. Within the Sanctuary, soldiers will be eligible for local services ranging from free child care to job placement for soldiers' spouses. A public proclamation will be made by U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes at a "groundbreaking" ceremony at the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry Armory and Museum in Downtown Fayetteville.

Defending the ethos of the newly established Sanctuary is a 500+ member "Army's Army" of community volunteers, pledged to "watch over those who watch over us," i.e. assist military families. Recruited via posters, video, brochures and the internet (, citizens in this military support group will offer one-to-one services; member businesses will also offer discounts and preferential treatments.

In addition, pro-military badges and bumper stickers have been distributed to citizens, along with a contrasting motivational poster, showing anti-military news headlines (e.g. "Blast Damages Times Square Recruiting Station") from elsewhere around the nation. Also, a social networking website,, has been created to help connect soldiers considering moving into the "Sanctuary Community" with one-on-one citizen guides, able to steer them through the relocation process.

Jim Konneker, commander of the Army's Army, says, "As the ultimate company town for the military, we truly believe our soldiers deserve to have a hometown that treats them like the heroes they truly are."

Mayor Anthony G. Chavonne says, "Around here we don't just give lip service to 'support the troops,' we live it every day."

The Soldiers' Sanctuary is spearheaded by the Cumberland County community leaders and the Army's Army. This year, due to federal BRAC, or Base Realignment and Closure, legislation, tens of thousands of military families will be required to move to one of the 11 North Carolina counties closest to Fort Bragg. Cumberland County seat Fayetteville declared itself the most patriotic city in America" (August 15, 2005).

colmurph 09-04-2008 08:11 PM

Wow! I'm speechless! Sure wasn't like that when I first got there in 1966.

DMZ-LT 09-05-2008 07:16 AM

First got to Ft Bragg in 67 for ROTC summer camp. First billboard I saw getting off the airplane from Newark was " The KKK of Fayetteville welcomes you to Ft Bragg " Times have changed !

colmurph 09-07-2008 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by DMZ-LT (Post 373106)
First got to Ft Bragg in 67 for ROTC summer camp. First billboard I saw getting off the airplane from Newark was " The KKK of Fayetteville welcomes you to Ft Bragg " Times have changed !

That sign was blown down (C-4 and Det Cord) and I know who did it.

reconeil 09-07-2008 02:39 PM

Thanks for The GREAT News regarding The U.S.Military and Their Families.
Such SENSIBLE locality displays of recognition & affection for our SOLE Liberty & Freedom
GUARANTORS (politicians, journalists, zealots, bills & constitutions guarantee NOTHING),...
are Long Overdue.

Hope that such area common sense appreciation of America's Protectors INSTEAD, catches on.
All San Francisco type areas have become MORE than just totally sick & disgusting.

Besides, if lately quite common in America having: "Sanctuary Cities" for Criminally Illegal
Alien foreign national families (plus criminals & thugs) having sneaked-in here,...doesn't it
make infinitely more sense having such for: "America's Finest" and/or The U.S. Military and
Their Families, anyway?

Thus, my Salute and a Heartfelt: "GarryOwen" goes out to the no doubt fine American
People and Political Officials of Cumberland County's Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Never been there. But, apparently there are the same fine type Americans in vicinity as
in Junction City & Manhattan, Kansas. Those were the 2 towns surrounding Fort Riley,
where did my Basic Training and short stint before nice & balmy couple year touring of
scenic downtown Bavaria & its lovely barbed wire fences & mines on The Czech Border.

Southern Germany wasn't exactly as warm as I initially thought it would be.
Hey, live & learn (freeze your a$$ off also). Guess South Korean DMZ no better?


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