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wrbones 02-04-2003 11:57 PM

Morning Coffee! ;)
'Mornin' folks! LOL. How the hell are ya this mornin'! Coffee's on! Ya better grab a cup and get some! Paper'll be along in a bit!

I normally post this on a daily basis on another site, but it seems to be offline fer this mornin', so I decided to put it here this time. I was gettin' fidgety fer some reason, but now that I've started the coffee, I peace! Well, there was that incident at the VA hospital cafeteria a few years ago, but I'm MUCH better now!

I usually talk about most anything and consider it to be a morning meeting at the coffee shop fer the old timers and whatever other early risers there are that drop by. Sometimes we spend a few minutes teasing each other. Sometimes we visit over politics and football or religion. Sometimes we visit over those imponderables of life, like "Are those real or do ya think she had things fixed up a bit?" or "Why does that jerk get on my nerves so much?" or sometimes, I get to wonderin' about who and what we are as human beings and Marines and why. Yeah, yeah, I know. Philosophical stuff.

Anyway, most folks seem to enjoy the coffee I fix in the mornin' and I try awful hard not to disappoint them. That has to do with who we are, as well. Humans, looking for some comfort in the middle watches of the night and thinking and sharing thoughts and dreams that we might not otherwise. That time just before dawn when you got the watch, ya know...

It is a time for pondering things and considering why we are the way the we are. A time for considering the future of ourselves as individuals and as a species. It's a time to acknowledge the potential we have as well, a time to dream and a time to plan out our days. A time to get ready for the day to come.

Even if the other site is online after tomorrow, I may stop by here and make some coffee for you folks, too, if yer amenable.

Now I know my own weaknesses and realize that I don't make everyone's day when I'm around, but if I see that the number views are ok, and folks are startin' to visit over coffee in the morning, I'll keep on fixin it.

I'm not as fidgety now. Thanks fer lettin' me scratch that itch. I hate to disappoint those folks, ya know!

It's about time to warm up yer coffee, folks. Get yer head wrapped around the day to come. We got time to get it sorted out. Maybe, if we keep trying we'll get it right one of these days! Who knows, we might even do it better than we did before!

nang 02-05-2003 02:51 AM

Coffee's pretty good. Have any of those fancy schmansy creamers around? Thanks. you sure do a lot of ponderin for the middle of the night. But that's good. Someone has to do it.
Welcome, and thanks for the coffee :k:

thedrifter 02-05-2003 05:53 AM


Who the Hell open the windows again...Tempertures dropped starting yesterday afternoon.....So we went from 52....back down to 22.....

Well I see some folks found patroitfiles....I have been a member of our sister site for almost a year now, I believe....Gary...who is Sgt Blake here....
There is lots of good folks enjoy till our home is found again...

I knew new things were coming but did not expect this......

Will try to keep you all up to date when I get word....which I hope to hear some soon......

Enjoy all........
Will be back soon...need to answer more email.......



2091351 02-05-2003 07:45 AM


Found this after shut down this AM.

Take care-Steve

thedrifter 02-05-2003 07:50 AM


Leatherneck is being worked on right now....Glad to have you on board our sister site.....
Take a look around....
Will try to keep all of leatherneck members informed what is going on.......


wrbones 02-06-2003 12:45 AM

Morning Coffee!
'Mornin' folks! How the hell are ya this mornin'! Coffee's on! Grab a cup and cop a squat somewhere! Yer day ain't started yet! You got time to plan it out before ya hit the road! Make sure yer eyes are open and ya got yer boots on the right feet and yer shirt buttoned up straight! LOL. Don't laugh! I've done it a time or three! Usually after a short, hard night, but I've done it! LOL.

Some of you folks familiar with my ramblin's might find some of this repetitive, but you know that never stopped me before either! LOL. What was I thinkin' anyway....Well, shit, I was gonna be repetitve, but I can't remember what I was gonna repeat! I'm blamin' that on that spring loaded tow bar on a corrosion control cart in '83. My poor memory has nothin' to do with all the hooch I drank when I was younger! LOL.

I was thinkin' earlier about something, though. So I'll visit about that fer a bit. Do you remember bein' on active duty and havin' someone come around messin' in yer 'house'? Some jerk off from outta the unit would come in and start somethin' and it seemed like that they had to be reminded "YER IN MY HOUSE NOW!" It didn't matter what rank they had on their collar either! LOL. If they were stupid enough to cross yer formation or some such? I was wonderin' how much of that you still carry with you.

Myself, I've carried that with me to this day. Someone comes into my house and tries to start somethin', they always get that reminder. Had a biker try that once. He backed right down and rethought his strategy. 'Course it didn't hurt none that I was dang near twice his size, either! LOL. We ended up bein' pretty good friends 'til he hit the road that last time. I haven't seen or heard from him since. That happens with old road dogs now and then. I haven't had a bike fer a lot of years now, so don't go there. I ain't got much to tell, and some things I don't dare tell! LOL.

But, anyway. I've come to the conclusion, that where ever I go, it's my house, within a certain perimeter around me. Someone trys to upset me out in town, they're messin' with my house. Someone mouths off to the ol' lady, they're messin' with my house. Anything those people do that I might end up takin' home with me and stayin' upset over fer any length of time, they're messin' with my house.

My house is sanctum sanctorum. My house is peaceful fer the most part. A place where I go to relax. A place where I don't have to worry about threat assessments or SMEAC or nothin' like that. When people come over to my house, they know it's a place they can kick back and relax. Most end up snoozin' on the couch or my old easy chair, not outta boredom, but because they relax so much. Hell, I got a couple of folks who come over who prefer to sit in the kitchen and visit. They get tired of nappin' when they're here! LOL. Well, of course the neighbors and I have worked some things out, within limits ya know. I don't shit on their doorstep and they don't shit on mine.

So, that old saying has another meaning to me, "Where ever ya go, there ya are." The peace of yer house goes with you to a certain extent as well as the threat assessments. Normally I have folks smilin' at me as I go about my business out in town. They visibly relax. When I'm tense out in town, they visibly tense up when they see me. "Where ever ya go, there ya are."

Now, it's not only 'my house'. It's the "Peace of My House" that I watch out for. Anything that messes with the peace of my house is somethin' that I try to stay away from, or to deal with and be done with it, before I head for home.

Just ramblin'. I didn't get it said quite right, but....when I get it figured out, I'll let ya know! Meanwhile...

Warm up yer coffee, folks! It's a good day! Hell, we got another chance to get it right! Might even do it better this go 'round!

MORTARDUDE 02-06-2003 04:29 AM


wrbones 02-06-2003 04:53 AM

Hey! I make good coffee! There's no need to test it before ya drink it! :D

nang 02-06-2003 03:23 PM

How bout a" just got off from work need Something to wake me up so I can do the stuff around the house I need to" cup of coffee/ Thanks, yeah this tastes about right.
I agree with your territorial attitudes too. I love my home.
Thanks for the java :k:

thedrifter 02-06-2003 03:37 PM

Hey Bones, you know how those dogfaces are.......couldn't find there a$$hole from a hole in the ground.....LMAO......They need an officer to analize it and than tell them it is fit for drinking........LOL



PS: nang, coffee is always on over at leatherneck......we love to shoot the breeze.....LOL......Stopover and have a cup or two, Bones still makes the best coffee around........

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