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Boats 03-23-2011 01:20 PM

Have a special request to ask
As some of you know I'm still working and I get many calls for applications but this one I got - hit home. Once you've read my reply to one of my associates - you may want to drop Brick an email and thank him and his diver's for their continued support for MIA's.

This was sent to an associate of mine in Louisiana today

Dear Les

RFQ: An application that needs some thought.

I got a call from Hawaii late yesterday. From a Mr. Brick Bradford - his request gave me a flash back and a memory of which I don't often think about.

As you know I did two tours in Viet Nam 65 and 67. My brother was also there and he was in the Army (inland). We both survived - but later Larry died from complications from (AO) agent orange. My best friend George was killed over there and when I was home his father would always ask me why? My wife's Brother came back and wasn't right ever again - one day he just disappeared and no one has found him in many years.

Mr. Bradford is working with the military in S.E. Asia Delta's and is still looking for the remains of our fallen Friend's, Brother's and Son's. Many are still missing (last I heard it was close to 2000).

He's dredging some low land rivers in S.E. Asia where human remains were recently found. I suspect many were those who died or were killed and dumped into the rivers around those engagements.

Mr. Bradford said he was on our Toyo WEB site and saw our DP pump and thought a small one might produce the results they needed to help retrieve these buried remains. I told him - I was abit taken back by the call and it startled me for a moment - it brought me back to those days.

The application seems to be one that needs a pump or a Jet Pump (something with no metal or mechanical contact to the human remains). A centrifugal would most likely be more damaging to those remains they are looking for. Their last visit there they used a soft rubber impeller type pump that did some good but still destroyed much of the remains. They are finding remains but mostly they look for the teeth of which they can ID by genetic testing.

All night I thought about this application - I want to help - but I can't seem to make any of our products work. Mr. Bradford thought the recessed impeller would be another option having a total non-contact design - but I said; being a vortex pump design it still allows 20% of those solids to be impacted on the impeller. He asked me if I could offer any ideas - but the only thing I could come up with would be Jet Pump design (having no moving parts and yet may provide them with the wet lift they need of (15'). He said he needs to move light sand and silt without too much disturbance more like a vacuum design where the fluid and its contents would then dump into a strainer just above water level for inspection.

Les - if you have any ideas - you can contact him at this email address:

Brick Bradford
Diving Operations Specialist
Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command
Hickham, AFB, Hawaii

What Mr. Bradford and his associates have been doing for so many years is a courageous effort that I support and fully and sympathize for those family members who have no real closure - not knowing where their loved ones are.

It takes a special group of people and much support to make these results come about. I salute them all and I am grateful for people like this who take this seriously to dedicate so many years to search for those lost - so long ago. God doesn't make too many individuals like this and they will surely find a place in heaven when they pass on - I too will keep them in my prayers.

This concludes my email to my friend down South. If you'd like to send Brick an email and ask him any questions or to thank him and his crew I think it would bolster their spirits to know that we really appreciate their efforts in this endeavour and also gives us some peace of mind.

Thanks Guys - sorry if this disturbs some of you it wasn't meant to - it was merely to help you know there are guys still looking for our friends over there and that means a lot to me.

BLUEHAWK 03-23-2011 08:38 PM

Boats... you've touched my heart again with this one.

Unless you object, I will post that in it's entirety in another place where it may draw some valuable response.

If it does, I will report back accordingly.

JBozeman 03-24-2011 10:57 AM

Thanks for posting and thinking about all those who were there, those still dealing with there, and those who are still there.

God bless you my friend!


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