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Boats 10-22-2020 11:12 AM

My Grand-Daughter has the virus - found out today
She and her Mother went for the test - Lily's tested positive - her Mother's did not.
So both of them and my grandson have to stay isolated for two weeks.
They all work so now they have to tell their Boss's and they have to call their corporate owners where they work and shut down the business and get everyone tested.
Sooner or later it had to happen. IN and IL are both suffering higher rises in the virus of late.
If the temperature goes up or she has trouble breathing at home she is to go to the hospital immediately - meanwhile grounded at home - no meds - just have to monitor themselves
and if the temps go up or breathing issues occur - they have to go to the hospital and put on breathing machines.
Egads - I haven't seen them in several weeks but now our family is being impacted lets hope all goes well.


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