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SEATJERKER 05-09-2003 08:13 PM

26 April 03...

...Am writing now, but waiting until I get to OCS, and have my new address to send...

...Family day is four days away, and graduation one more. Looking back, basic has been great. I think the poor performance of my platoon resulted in less training, and more punishment, but I was able to sap as much good out of it as possible...

...Not sure if I mentioned it in a letter, or not, IDID earn the PT patch, thanks for the workout advice/ motivation before "(and during)" basic !

...And the big news, I fianally have an Officer ?branch?---"(his writing sucks)"---, I have been put into combat enginering. am really excited about this one! OCS canidates are allowed to switch ?branches? with each other, and I have been approached several times already. no, no no, I will be holding on to this one!...

...I have 22 other address update letters to write before graduation, so will cut short for now.

..Thank You
...Bradley (OLIVE)...

...I'm sure he'll do well from now on with the start off we all gave him,...

SEATJERKER 05-27-2003 09:09 AM

21 May 03...
...letter from OLIVE...

...doing well. writing seems to improved from the chicken scratch he was putting out prior, I can actually read this one...

...waiting until 09 July for unit, and location/graduation...

...someone lost a set of goggles, so they all had to mow the lawns "by hand",... light's out delayed by an hour, settling right in...

..."but with all that happens here, the end is in sight, a bright shiney butter bar for a cherry Lieutenant"...

..."rest well, Olive's on duty"

MORTARDUDE 05-27-2003 11:04 AM

where did the name "Olive" come from ? Olive Oil ?


SEATJERKER 05-27-2003 02:48 PM

Rainbows... what we were called coming off the bus at basic due to the extreme mix of civilian clothes, then as we were issued plain green uniforms, and then they called us pickles, or OLIVES until your nametags arrived, and were attached, (they were blue then, and if you didn't have name tags, you were quite noticeable before the camos were issued a few years later... rather then calling him "pickles" which is not the most "manly" nickname for a tough future warrior, I nicknamed Brad, OLIVE a ways back to make him feel at home...

...he seems ok with it, and it worked out well for him in basic as his DI's took a liking to him,..( thank you,... thank you very much, no applause, thank you),...

"the"/my/our letter kind of gave the DI's a few chuckles with a "little" inside information, and in turn they took him under their wing as being a man with heart for his country along with potential...

...on the right track................


MORTARDUDE 05-27-2003 03:47 PM

You dun gud...
thanks curtis !!


Boats 05-28-2003 06:34 AM

Got antoher letter from Brad and he's in his 4th week of OCS and he's been assigned as an Engineering Officer and wants to know if anyone out here knows anything about this area?

If he was in the Navy I'd say he would be assigned to below deck duties working around the power plants or support equipment. I left his letter at home today I will try to bring it in tomorrow but he's looking for some Army type Engineer to contact him and let him know what he can expect.

He's got 10 more weeks here than 16 weeks of Engineering School. I'd say Brad is doing a rather good job so far. I bet you all he's not the same kid that went in months ago.

I will get you his address if you drop me an e-mail. Gotta run have a new job and I've got to stay on the straight and narrow during the next 6 months - if you now what I mean.

Stay healthy and Happy Birthday to all those I may have missed the last few months.

Keith_Hixson 07-11-2003 09:20 PM

LAST MONTH of OCS for Brad.
Got a letter from Brad. He says he is in his last Month of OCS. He will graduate a 2nd LT on August 7th. He will be a combat engineer. He feels that he is making life long friendships in OCS. Learning to lead, prepare for inspections, they had a 12 mile speed march, will have a 5 mile run and a final PT test. He not quite sure exactly what his duties will be as a combat engineer. There will be more OJT training as a combat engineer after graduation. He sent me a picture of himself and some of his buddies. I'll pass it on to Dave so he can post the pic. Seems like a he is really enjoying his time in the Service.

If you would like to him a congratulations card or message, let me know and I'll share his OCS address. [Give me a PM and I'll give you his address]

Really proud of this young man.


Keith_Hixson 07-25-2003 08:41 AM

Picture of Brad has been posted!
Picture of Brad with several of His friends from OCS has been posted in the Gallery!

Brad graduates from OCS on Aug 7. Then we have to call the kid, Sir! Send him a congratulations card.


Keith_Hixson 07-30-2003 02:55 PM

Brad Will Be Graduating this WEEK!

We have to call the kid SIR

Send those Cards and Letters.


Need an Address PM me!

Keith_Hixson 08-05-2003 09:41 AM

If you are down Ft. Bragg Way
If you are down Ft Bragg way, find out when the OCS graduation takes place on Thursday and watch Brad graduate from Officer Candidate School.

Give the kid a salute! And Say:


He'd really appreciate it.

Keith :ag:

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