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HARDCORE 05-16-2018 01:28 PM

Get Cracking

First of all, I make no apologies for speaking my mind! Nobody, after all, save for a toady or a political climber, agrees on all things, and at all times! Also, I am not some kind of obsequious flatterer who is overly impressed with titles, pay grades, or even high public office!

“I am a Damned Yankee” who is married to a “Southern Belle (D.A.R)”, I have been around the block a time or two (I am nearly 78 years young), I am not one who is known for taking much guff, we are a damnatory proud American Family, dating all the way back to pre-Revolutionary War times here in America - to an era when a man said what was on his mind, and meant every word of it! Further, I respect and love my country, having had family, on one side or another, who may not have arrived upon the Mayflower, but by damned, a few of them did meet it when it landed at that little chunk of rock, away out there in Plymouth, Massachusetts!

More over, and this has garnered for me no end of politically-motivated grief, I am neither a Democrat, nor am I a Republican – “I Sir, Am An American”, and that is the only blessed title that any citizen needs, in my opinion! No man, after all, has ever refused the help of a comrade just because of his accent, heritage, or religion, and this, merely because he backs “a jackass or a pachyderm!” Also for the record, and once again as Teddy Roosevelt espoused: “I do not believe in “Hyphenated- Americanism”, nor did my wife’s uncle who is still buried in some unmarked grave out there in North Korea, or my father (deceased) who had three beachheads and six battle stars in Africa and Europe, or my wife’s dad who served on destroyer escort duty in the North Atlantic, or my stepfather who was aboard a heavy cruiser in that war, etc., etc.

In short, these family members (and more) have always attempted to pay their dues “For God, Country and family”, and let no man ever deny that we love our country and have earned the right to speak our minds!


Mr & Mrs Hardcore

P.S. – I am no hero, but I am a man, a patriot, and an opinionated curmudgeon….

Boats 05-16-2018 02:16 PM

America for Americans
America for Americans

Go this link to read about an Afternoon Speech of Theodore Roosevelt at St. Louis
on May 31, 1916

It's ten pages long but a good read if you want to know more about the meaning of an Hyphenated American.


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