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HARDCORE 01-13-2019 03:42 PM

Ordinary People


I just heard much of our population referred to as “Ordinary People?”

Let me make it perfectly clear that here within in “The United States of America” there is no such thing as “Ordinary?” Extra-Ordinary, Eminently Capable, and Potentially Blessed, are far better descriptive of what we are, and what we can ever be, but ordinary will never fit into the scenario!

We have seen inventions that border upon the impossible, innovations in science and technology that defy explanation, and thought and ideas that even science fiction writers themselves, would be hard-pressed to duplicate, were they not already scientific fact! But once again, ordinary they have surpassed by eons - “And We Are Just Getting Started!”

So once again - I personally take great puzzlement at anyone ever referring to most of us “American Citizens” as ordinary! “Extra-Ordinary and Remarkable” would be a far better descriptive, in my opinion – “And This, I Firmly Believe!”


Boats 01-14-2019 08:34 AM

A report: America is exceptional … and or just ordinary
A report: America is exceptional … and or just ordinary
Lane Kenworthy, The Good Society - January 2019


This report is one example written by others: Includes subjects and charts.
I found it interesting and some I don't agree with but you can review and comment on.

Personal Comment:

How one feels about America is each individuals conception of it. To me it's my Motherland & Home of the Brave. Like everything in life much depends on how much you put into it. Being an American isn't a free ride and the streets aren't paved in gold. It's a land of opportunity - of which many don't often see because of reasons beyond their ability to seek it out. What you put into your life depends on what you get out of it. Education is a must without it you will find it difficult to land the dream job you wanted. Sure we have 1.5% of rich folks who spoon feed their kids and set them up for life whether they worthy of it or not. But even in America we struggle like all peoples around the world. America or the United States of America "is here to stay" regardless of those who would wish to change it. Veterans and our Active Duty Soldiers will make sure of that.


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