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HARDCORE 05-21-2022 10:03 PM

Systemic Brain Washing.....

Some may call it brainwashing, others may refer to it as political and commercial advertising, and yet others may place the handle upon it of mind-clutter? But no matter what you call it, the voluminous mountain of garbage (personal opinion) that floods our minds by way of mass-media, the television, and other outlets as well, is redundant, mind-boggling, and just plain annoying (another opinion)!!

So just what in the ‘Hell’ did people do to help them in selecting products or services or even advice when they did not have a ‘BIG Brother’ around to make up their minds for them, and how did we ever survive all of that confusing uncertainty? I mean, can you possibly imagine ‘Old Noah’ scratching his old gray head over what type of wood he would use in constructing his arc or even ‘General Grant’ trying to determine if he would attack ‘Gettysburg’ from the north or from the south?

And all of that time, all that they had to do was flick of the tube (television) to get the real skinny (input) as to what was going on all around them? “Oops, I almost forgot, there were no televisions (or any of those other mass-media sources back then, in the 1860s), but we still managed to survive anyway – “Now Isn’t That Amazing?!”


Boats 05-22-2022 04:41 AM

Verbiage today - is at times the garbage of tomorrow's news.
HC - most of the news we get today is their extrapulated bullshit. The real facts would turn our heads wondering how in the hell did we
get into this mess. We the People are being led around like cattle. But - as much what the media hears and then posted - is most likely
hyped - by those who didn't really understand the facts - or added a few juicy bits of their understanding of the message being sent.
Every Country has its brain washing news - the bad news is always worse then what was reported - or the news lacks - shock & awe -
to get the readers - or viewers something to ponder.
They don't want to give us the whole truth - rather something with a bit of possibilities as they understand the issues at hand.
Then being reported. We must remember that Sensationalizing Sells and the bad news causes caious of which - we people may not
be able to handle - so its rewritten - signed off - and published.
This is why they hire folks who can sensationalize the news (in a way that provokes public interest and excitement, at the expense of accuracy).
What's the old addage - don't believe everything your hear - or read. Each of us absorbs information in accordance to our personal literacy.

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