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HARDCORE 07-01-2022 05:59 PM

For As Long As We Will Take It

We Are Being Incrementally Raped To Death And This Is Being Done right there before our very eyes and with our silence, servitude and even knowledge! And what is far worse is - we are taking this abuse like lambs to the slaughter!

This should come as no surprise to any of you, however, as the signs have been on the walls now for years, starting in those promising years that fell upon “Our Nation” ever since we first learned how to willingly accept defeat on all fronts - be it domestic, military, social and even economically – in short, be weary of Greeks (And Anyone Else For That Matter), who are baring (not gifts) but rather, demands, daggers and fallacious smiles of friendship, comradery and even one-sided cooperation!

The problem is, at least in my opinion, that these people have learned how to play us for everything that we are worth – and I do mean everything! “Our armies are their armies, our fortune is their fortune and our rights are even restricted to only those that they allow us to have! And while all of this deception is taking place, we just sit there and take it, right where “The Old Monongahela Meets the Missouri to form the Mississippi” or more accurately – “Right Where It Hurts the Worst!”

Of course, this is not to say that “The United States” does not need allies – of course we do! But in my opinion and as is overly supported by past world history who in the hell within this orb of existence, has not been a friend, and an enemy both, at one time or another, within the life-span of this planet?

“So what does this mean to our survival and our future, who can we explicitly trust even within our own sphere of activities, including even inside of our own government at times and when should we remember that we must still speak softly – but always carry a big stick! President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, (The Old Rough Rider – 1858 -1919) 25th President – USA!

“God, how some things have changed – but not always for the better?!”


Boats 07-02-2022 02:42 PM

Lets recap the governmental considerations while serving in office.
They have to worry about their country not so much of their self-interest.
Ass licking seems to be popular in Congress today. Kissing up to the
Leader's rather than being ostracized for thinking outside the box.
That's what I read in the dramatic's of party get togethers. The ones
who really want to make a difference and accomplish a goal - usually
get runover by the house majority at every turn.
That's why I've alway hated politics - you gotta kiss or lick someones
ass to even submit another point of view. Congress operates like
maffia at times (at least thats how I see it on occassion). Beat
young minds down and teach them a lesson in formalities of which
their Leader's say they need to first learn.
You may be popular at home but in office you're a door mat until
you've completely changed your mind about your issues and join
the club and agree with them. Bushwacked once again a form
of political sensitizing (or brain conditioning).
I've noticed they gang up together and confer in little pockets
within their parties - called get togethers - while the other's are left
to their own devices of trying to fit in with long timers concepts.
Believe me the old dogs in office know the routine - they've been
there - and done that - only to late become the leader of the pack.
It's their way or the highway - we will now take a vote - you
had better agree with their final revision! Or you may still need
re-education while in office. Sad isn't it!

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