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mcgrunt 08-19-2006 01:58 PM

" Division-sized Logistic unit " in Vietnam
I ran across this statement about Marine Corps logistics in Vietnam . Any of you guys know anything about this ? Being a grunt by choice I really never gave it much thought , in other words we accepted the C-rats and ammo off the H-34s and perhaps took it for granted.

Would appreciate any knowledge anyone can provide . I am doing a lot of remembering and thinking about those olden times .

Semper Fidelis

G 2/5 1st Mar Div

Stick 08-19-2006 05:58 PM

Army had the First Logistics Command (aka 1st Log with the leaning sh_thouse for a unit patch) and the 1st Log was at least division size and handled most of the resupply and logistics throughout Vietnam for all branches.

mcgrunt 08-21-2006 03:41 PM

Thanks Stick . That would make more sense than a huge logistics
unit to supply 2 Mar Divs.

MARINEVET 10-27-2006 12:08 PM

Guess it depends...
...on what some folks consider "Division Size"...?

On my second and third trips to that scenic wonderland (Sgt in E/2/4 in '66-'67 & 2ndLt in 3dForReconCo in '69-'70), I seem to remember "large" USMC LogSpt agencies...probably the precursors to what later became the Force Service Support Group (FSSG ) and now the Marine Logistics Groups (MLG).

I think the main one may have been called the Force Logistics Command (referred to as FLC or "Flick") and other smaller (yet quite robust) outfits were called Force Logistics Support Units "A" & "B"...referred to as FLSU or "Floosie" ALPHA & "BRAVO"...least that's what keeps coming to mind.

They were probably service support assets of III Marine Amphibous Force (III MEF)...originating from the early Force Troops FMF concept.

Semper Fidelis from the Sands of Kandahar,

mcgrunt 10-27-2006 08:04 PM

I Talked to a guy in a mess hall at Phu Bai ( late 66) was in something like that . FLeet Logistics Support Group ? (Its been over 40 years and the memory may slip a gear now and then .)

Afganistan ? Outstanding !

Semper Fidelis ,


MARINEVET 10-28-2006 09:57 AM

Yeah Sgt McGrunt...think we're talkin' about the same LogSpt outfit in Vietnam.

As for me being in The 'Stan...never woulda thunk it, not at 64+ years YOUNG...! But, a buddy asked me to come over and give him a hand being an Advisor to the Afghan National I am!

I posted a SITREP on the Enduring Freedom Forum...ya might wanna check it out IF you haven't, already.

I was one of the very early members of this overall forum, but had been UA for quite awhile...just doing a lotta other stuff that didn't allow me time to plenty of time WHEN the I-Net is up.

Hope this finds you well, Devil Dog...and...

Semper Fi from the Sands of Kandahar,

mcgrunt 10-28-2006 11:25 AM

" Sands of Kandahar" sounds like something out of Kipling !
Good to see someone that still has a sense of adventure .

You received a commision , you still in the Marine Corps ?

What is address for Enduring Freedom forums ? I'll make it a regular now that I know about it .

Semper Fidelis ,


MARINEVET 10-29-2006 08:47 AM

Sgt McGrunt:

Yeah Bill...using the signoff as both a takeoff on "The Sands of Iwo Jima" and a Kipling kind of thing...the Kipling link is strong here in the Kandahar (Desert) region in that we're only about 60 clicks from the famed Khyber Pass that Kipling and others have written about/movies made about/etc.

My profile gives a little of my background, but yeah...gained a commission during Vietnam. Boot Camp at MCRD PISC in '61...rose to SSgt and then commissioned in '69. Enjoyed a great 34+ year career in the Corps before leaving the active Service as a Colonel, in July '96. While proud of my accomplishments, you can see by my signature block what I consider my most important accomplishment to be...same thing you and many of our Warrior Brothers have accomplished...earning The Title...MARINE...!

I see you found the Enduring Freedom forum on the Patriot Files site.

Life here at Kandahar Airfield Combat Base is better than anything I'd ever before experienced in combat. Live in a metal pre-fab bldg with A/C, indoor head/showers...good chow at the KBR Mess class gym across the street to keep my 64 year YOUNG body in shape, etc. Of course it IS a combat zone, and we take incoming rockets quite frequently, there are IEDs about and every now and then, some bad guys take pot shots at our vehicles, but HEY...there's a war going on here!

Take care...been a long day...still sorting out some "issues" that turned to crappolla on us...hopin' to hit the rack in a couple hours.

Semper Fi from the Sands of Kandahar,

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