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Raggedy Ann 10-04-2008 11:59 PM

VA Benefits
About 6 months ago Tom and I filled out paper work to see if we qualify for Veteran benefits, specifically medical benefits. About 2 months later Tom received a letter saying he wasn't eligible because he makes too much money. I hadn't heard anything so Thursday called them to find out the status of my application. They phoned me back and said I am approved for benefits and realized that Tom is also eligible and because he is a Vietnam veteran his income doesn't matter at all. They said that we had been approved in 1991 and then asked me why we had never used our benefits. We bought a house through the VA in 1991 and got approved for medical too but we didn't know it.

Anyway we have an orientation on how to use our benefits and receive our id cards on October 16 and can make our medical appointments at that time. We are both very excited about that news because we haven't had medical insurance since we left California last year.

Anyway I just wanted to share our good news with ya'll.

Raggedy Ann

Gimpy 10-06-2008 07:34 AM

great news Kath.

Hope you and Tom will be as satisfied with the VA health care that Jackie and I have been getting.

You are very lucky to have Patty Murray as one of your Senators up there in Washington state. She has been a tireless and fearless advocate for VA health care and Veterans benefits.

Good luck to both of you.


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