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HARDCORE 12-10-2019 09:52 AM

Political Warfare

The bottom line here is that “OUR COUNTRY MUST COME FIRST!!”

All of this political B.S. must stop, because the only winner in all of this conflict to destroy the presidency are those traitors who seek to capture power and control us all at any cost, including the total destruction of “Our Own Magnificent Nation Itself!”
Our foreign and domestic enemies have got to be slobbering at the jowls over all of this internal dissention and rancor that has been created by the few politically motivated fools who value power and nation destruction over mutual advancement and maybe even our survival itself?

Come on people, get with the program and in the event that you have not noticed – “Our Nation’s” international enemies have become a whole-lot quieter of late! After all, with some of our own people stirring the pot of discontent, they have been just sitting back and enjoying the sideshow that is being created by the fools who are quite content to destroy, rather than to nurture and to build!

“This is still The United States of America people – and it is the only nation that liberty and freedom are ever likely to flourish in! Love It, Support It, Defend It and Advance It!!”

“Now what in the Hell is it going to take to finally make this point?”


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