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MORTARDUDE 09-28-2004 05:06 PM

a disturbing item about Iraq...
I saw this on the NBC Nightly News last night...they are going to get rid of 40,000 of 100,000 Iraqi policeman due to incompentence or working for both sides. They are giving them $ 160,000,000 USD ( $ 4,000 per person ) as a buyout, and I quote " so they won't work against the US and the government"....I will wager that after the elction, no matter who wins, lots more of this will surface...

a total disgrace...



P.S :

I just saw a story on CBS News at 5:30 PM about the Canadian hostage who was relased after 5 days. He said the Iraqi "police" helped the terrorists kidnap him at a checkpoint....just your hard earned tax dollars at work.

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