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HARDCORE 04-21-2017 10:16 AM

All Talk & Little Else

Finding someone within government who truly gives a damn these days is virtually impossible! Granted, they all go through the motions, all the way from “The Oval Office” on down to the local assemblyman, but that is where it ends, as they are “ALL” merely “filler material” who are more impressed with their titles than in really getting anything done, in my opinion!

Case in point: After witnessing the deplorable conditions that still exist within our nation’s nursing homes, I set about the crusade of seeking sorely needed change! I reasoned that “President Trump” should be made aware of this ongoing tragedy that has plagued our honorable elderly citizens who had the audacity to grow old and no longer to be wanted!

People who labored hard, long and honorably throughout an entire lifetime, only to be thrown away by those whom they loved and supported when they were no longer of any value to them! And I don’t give a damn how belligerent these so called rest homes get, or how they put their best foot forward when their feet are held to the fire! The fact remains however, that many of these facilities are nothing more than “Dying Holes”, again in my opinion!

And worst yet is the fact that not one stinking fool seems to care (on any level), as I discovered today when I attempted to bring this matter up to “The White House Comment Line” who genuinely acted like they could give a damned less! But then, what in the Hell could you expect from volunteers that work for nothing, and in my opinion, are worth every dime!

“What these people fail to realize however, is that their services are not free!” We the People pay for their every screw-up, their every lackadaisical attitude, and every time that they pass the buck by telling us to put it into writing – which in my opinion, never gets read, much less addressed!

I have been hearing a great deal about these (so called) “Obama Holdovers” who are doing all that they can to sabotage President Trump – “And Now I Believe It!!”


Boats 04-21-2017 12:06 PM

HC - many of us feel like you. It seems Trump's personal image of himself is more important than the people who put him in office. The only thing he has going for him is the connections he's making to improve his wealth after office and to include on his resume - former President of the United States.

During this time his family is lining up the contacts and getting positioned to increase their wealth thru the contacts they make during his presidency. His Health Program is coming up for a vote. I can't wait to see how bad were going to get ripped off.

His cabinet are millionaires who could care less about the American People their main object is to improve themselves after he's out of office. The Congressional bullpen is out of touch with America. The only way to fix this is to limit terms and no lifetime pensions once they are out office. The BS we've been getting for many years has to stop. They are all power hungry and worry less about our country then most.

Us little guys busted our asses for decades working to take care of our families and for what? They tax the crap out of us - buy foreign products took away our jobs and of course increase out taxes.

Savings accounts don't pay crap anymore. In fact the charges for saving your money wipe out what little interest they are paying. Our dollar is most likely worth 25 cents now and as we know you can't buy much for a dollar anymore.

City and State Taxes climb every year. Utilities are rising all the time. We don't get a cost of living adjustment on Social Security that amounts to anything. We who are on SS should get this money tax free!!! It's our taxes that we paid into and yet they retax you over and over again.

This is what's bothering the retired and working people today. Uncle Sam will spend more than they take in and raise our tax to compensate their overdrafts or better yet print more money as they need it and devaluate our currency even more.

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