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HARDCORE 01-21-2021 04:27 PM

Politics v Functionality......

(personal opinions)

“Be careful what you wish for- as you just might get it?” And there is, of course, yet another old adage in politics, it being that: “A so called bright horizon may just be the mask of an approaching storm”, but then, only time itself will tell for sure?”

So why is it, I ask you, that amidst politicians, the opposition is always the blame for disaster, whereas, all good, only springs forth from your own political faction? But, after all is said and done, however, it is “We The People” who often pay the final tab?

I can only assume that it all boils down to systemic brainwashing, as to listen to them, any opposition political ideology only seeps forth from the loins of evil, whereas, only good can emanate from the foulest of depravity, just as long as the depravations are encapsulated, and then deified, under your own political agenda?

Such was the case in the “Dark Ages”, just as surely in fact, as it may someday be again –
Only “The Almighty” Knows For Sure”, but apparently - He Ain’t Telling – “Yet!”



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