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HARDCORE 12-09-2019 10:09 AM


When the welfare of “Our Nation” finishes far behind the demands of any political faction, then is “Our Nation” still operating within the ideals and the mandates that were set forth by “Our Illustrious Founding Fathers” – I personally doubt it?

Of course, and it is still only my own personal opinion, but after watching parts of “The Congressional Impeachment Hearings Today”, I came to the distinct conclusion that “These Esteemed Law Makers” were merely just professional parrots and what is laughingly referred to as a means of getting to the truth, was nothing more than a rubber stamp (or a monkey see, monkey do exercise in governmental hi-jinks), if you prefer? Don’t any of these “Temporarily Elected” employees of the people’s will realize yet, that they are there to act upon what the people themselves demand and not what they or their vested political party, insist upon?

Once again and this is still only my own opinion, after suffering through a portion of today’s (so called) impeachment hearings, it became clear to me, that these people’s minds were already made up, even before the first words were even spoken, and this, right along “Political Party Lines!!” So, if as they claim, these rigid career politicians were open-minded and in search of the whole truth alone, it sure as hell was not obvious today - “At Least, Not To Me?”


Boats 12-09-2019 10:18 AM

HC - It will be sometime before anything comes to an ending. Win or Loose don't let it eat you up. I quit watching the news and I'm better off. What will be - will be and if its not you can't let it eat you up. The news today is merely BS and let the leadership to what it wants and hopefully come to end. It may be 6 to 10 months before this thing winds down. Meanwhile you and I don't need an ulcer wondering about the events.

The truth will come out regardless!

Rest up winter is coming - get the brandy going. Light a fire (but a small one in CA).

Tell Momma I said Hi!


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