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Stick 10-16-2014 03:59 AM

Important BEWARE on your PC
Today at 6:49 AM

Yesterday I bought a new Microsoft Office program that required assistance from a Microsoft technician to install. As he was installing the program everything stopped. The program would not load due to another program already installed in the computer that stopped the download. The technician did a complete scan-disk on the computer and low and behold he found the culprit. It had apparently been downloaded from a web site that I had been.
The program that the MS Tech was using had a "svchost.exe" command for him to get onto this computer and the violating program also had a "svchost.exe" command and further tracing of that command found that "" had downloaded it. That's Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS who could totally scan this computer and do all commanding functions, a "Trojan Horse" virus.
"" is fairly common but scan your computer and make sure that ISIS doesn't have the same power that you have on your PC.

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