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HARDCORE 10-13-2021 12:12 PM

Totally Stinking & Rotten


I still find it totally stinking and rotten that the “Labors and Brain-Childs” of others could be usurped (stolen), and then the true author of the feast ignored (or ridiculed), and this by so called honorable men and women? It makes one truly wonder, just how much of what was credited to others, even by history itself, was in reality, actually “The True Genius of Another?”

This does, however, make you kind of wonder, just how some of these vile and contemptible creatures can even look at themselves in a mirror, knowing full well that, after all is said and done, they are nothing more than stinking thieves!?

Unfortunately for them however: “Heaven and Time Itself” might not be quite as forgetful and forgiving, as is this society of ours - that tends to overlook (if not promote) a few of these “Common (and stinking) Thieves and Usurpers?!”

“But then, they still know who and what they are, and for that matter, so does “Eternity Itself!” And yet - I Still Personally Harbor The Belief That:

“The Almighty And Time Itself – Never Forgets!!!!”


Boats 10-13-2021 12:45 PM

For those who don't know:

The Definition of a Usurper -

: is one who usurps something: such as:
one who seizes and holds office, power, position, etc., by force or without right
… they are working through the harrowing part in which Frederick, the usurper of his brother's dukedom, banishes his niece Rosalind from his court.

Example: — Lawrence Malkin - At 19, she's the besotted lover of King Richard III—until he's slain by the usurper King Henry VII and she's forced to become Henry's wife.
— Joanna Powell

b: by one who takes the place of another by; or as if by force

The new people have come, the usurpers, with their private jets and home theaters … , scaring the waterfowl and scattering the discreet and peaceful ease.
— Dwight Garner

c: one who takes or makes use of something without right

For example, a co-owner may alone take all the necessary steps for the preservation of the property, including the institution of suits against trespassers or usurpers.
— Louisiana Civil Code

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