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Keith_Hixson 03-13-2003 01:02 AM

A Letter from the Brad!
4 March 03
Ft. Benning, GA 31905

Here I am - basic training well after the lights out writing under a red flashlight. I arrived at 30th A.G. Reception Batallion on Feb 18th and spent just ove a week waiting in lines-getting yelled at - eating lots of food - getting shots - and wasting time. There's a few stories from there but none worth taking up what little sleep time I have lef specially considering I am trying to break a cold that is acting like it wants to turn into bronchitis.

I arrived at real basic training a week ago tomorrow. The drill SGTS are, of cours pretty extreme - and have amazing exercises designed only to make me hurt. I do everything I can to divert my mind pure thought, geometry, prayer-but mantras work the best. Really, the PT (physical training) is not as bad as I thought it would be, but I came in here in better shape than most. The second day here was very PT intensive and the next had a PT test (APFT) I and two others passed in my platoon. I was thrilled to pass after no sleep the neight before and being very sore.

I like all three of my DS's (Drill Sergeants), they are still as crazy angry as the rest - but are patient and fair. They continually "smoke" us because of a fat and immature and unmotivated 17 yr old sad excuse for a soldier. The DS said tomorrow he's to be assigned a new battalion-buddy-a quick glance was sent my way. I don't want to have anything to do with this punk.

Alright - I'm quitting for now - I'll write more later-need some sleep while the coughing has gone down.

And now the second part - sorry if this jumps around - no time and my mind is a bit occupied.

The rumor of stress cards is not true - but I have suspicions about the saltpeeter ones. I'll spare the details! Yup - lots of shots but no square needles yet. I had two bonus shots the next day because I've never had chicken pox . . . and at my age chicken pox can cause blindness and death and even worse, STERILITY!

My platoon lacks dedication. At Benning first the infantry are separated from the non-infantry and the rest are divided by military occupation speciality (mos) The mos' in my platoon are ones far away from anything requiring physical fitness or smarts or really anything at all and the men here match it well. Today we've had phone privileges taken away for three weeks and we're repeatedly "smoked" all day long. I won't miss the phone.
I've had two 5 minute allowances so far - but wasn't able to get ahold of anyone.

But, its not all negative. I'm guickly falling in love with the military. And am already having a lot of great experiences that will all surely fade compared to what's coming up. The workouts are very painful at the moment but feel good afterward. The only skills learned so far are not too exciting - shining boots - waxing floors - eating and showering fast, but some really great ones are on the way.

I'm off to bed - wish you all of you the best!

Oh yeah - you all can help me train! Each of letter received is 25 push-ups . . . Hopefully I can do a lot of these.


A Soldier in Training

Bradley Pietzyk

If you want my mailing address send Keith_Hixson a private message and he'll respond with it. Don't want it posted on the internet to everyone.

Boats 03-13-2003 06:19 AM


Glad to here you are fitting in I had no doubts. The dedication you talk about will come from the other's takes after your DS's break'em down and start making them men or women from street thug's. I recall my ordeal and coming from the streets in Chicago the transition took a little getting used to.

Keep focused and the other's will come along. They will learn by example as we all did. Initiative should be carefully given or stripes may come your way.

With leadership - comes responsibility. You know doubt have that - but its a difficult position at times and can make you lonely. Learn your trade as best you can. Tranining is just that - you are learning something that can save your life as well as others.

The petty stuff your doing now is only a moral buster. We all had to do it so just get on with it and make the best of a lousy situation.

What are your plans after training? Have you decided your striker posting yet. Talk with your DS's they can give you things to consider. If your going to make a career out the service you may find yourself caught between many duties or opportunities.
Take your time and go with your gut not with what others tell you after all you have to like your job in order to be proficient at it.

Regards to you and your classmates we at home are proud of the service you are giving our country.

Keith_Hixson 03-13-2003 08:43 AM

Brad won't have access to
He won't have access to the internet until after basic.

He really would like a lot of letters so PM me and I'll send you an Address.


Boats 03-13-2003 09:23 AM


I sent him a letter and thanks. I will let you know if I hear anything back.

David 03-13-2003 09:58 AM

Glad to hear he made it out there ok and is having fun. I still think basic was the best time I ever had in the military hehe :D

SEATJERKER 03-13-2003 10:38 AM

Pm received...
...on the lighter side of things...

...I'm sorry, I can't resist, we all need some laughter to lighten the load, and as I said to Keith in a pm, "he's easy pickin's" "he's our friend, and future, and I think we should pull a gag on him so good that he would never forget it..., come on who's with me, you can all blame me later, I sent him here....

...It should be harmless, and top secret among us,(unless he has spies on the outside), all in fun..., let's say we all compose a letter to his Co. as a spoof, all agreed on by everyone to show him we care, or throw out your own ideas...

...ask yourself this, remember your days in basic when you never knew what was coming next, well here's our chance to give him a memory that will last a lifetime...



Keith_Hixson 03-13-2003 12:40 PM

I'm a little confused!
Exactly what are you proposing.


Boats 03-13-2003 12:56 PM

Sounds a little devious - elaborate.

SEATJERKER 03-13-2003 02:47 PM


...I resemble that...

......OK it would have to involve tripping him up through his DI with a touch of home,via us,... say his DI calls him "Olive" the first time, you know he's gonna think somethings up, or coincidence, little things that could let the DI in on to have a little fun... somebody has to review his posts, and pull out a few of Brad's famous quotes, and we'll just pass them along for further review... letters from fictious ladies from around the nation drenched in purfume, etc, make him the "Don Juan" of D Co. ...

...think now...

Keith_Hixson 03-13-2003 03:46 PM

You guys go for it.
Well Jerker you are a deviant, seek out a theropist.

Oh, I'm here for you.

Keith :D

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