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Boats 02-04-2016 03:21 PM

To my fellow service members
Have ya gone to the music site. It's been there for years and I've just plugged into it.
Dave - Thanks alot it brought back ton's of memories.

But - I can't play these songs without having a few beers. So much memory and some good some bad. I think of many things. When hearing these tunes I think of the guys who've served and the losses of so many friends it breaks my heart even today.

Break out a six pack and listen to them. Life is so fleeting but these memories never fade they are built in - stored away (for life) and triggered by many things at different times.

I appreciate all of you and your sacrifices and losses - its along time ago and yet I can see it like it was yesterday.

God bless ya all - I think of you often and I wish you well.

Your Bud

The Boats

Boats 04-01-2018 11:02 AM

To my fellow Veterans and all Those on Active Duty - HAPPY EASTER
To my fellow Veterans and all Those on Active Duty - HAPPY EASTER

From the Boats & all those on the Patriot Files & it's Members

Boats 08-06-2018 05:39 PM

8-6-18 My latest thread - I haven't gone away "Welcome Aboard" Boats
Hey Guys' and Gal's its 1808 on the 8th of August 2018 and yes I'm still alive. On my 4rd 16 oz. of PBR. Listening to Dave's Tunes I've mention them earlier but it seems nobody is reading my post. Here's the music link:

VN guys grab a six pack or more! And listen to the tunes. I think of so many things back then. Lost many Brother's including the loss of my Brother Larry and my Best Friend George Yocum. Many I've served with are already gone - but I'm like old dirt I will wait a little more before taking my dirt nap.

If you go to this link make sure you got a six pack or qt of your favorite. Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Lovin makes me think of my wife. God I wish I could take her pain and suffering. She's a swell Italian woman who would make a jacket rabbit hug a hound.

I'm heading to the dentist in few days to yank a few more teeth. Eventually I will get new ones. 72 now and still feel like I should be on active duty. God help those already serving! I know they are the best of the best but these wars and conflicts are taking our prime folks which disturbs me. I feel proud in my heart of those serving and you should too! But remember those we leave behind how they must be suffering!

I need another beer hold on one moment! OK I'm back four down two to go. I'd go to the VFW but too many are out of control. My Baby Wrote Me A Letter is on make sure you go to the link I posted. We are never too old to remember.

Support our Trooper's they need us just as much as we need them. I only wish I was young enough to re-enlist! Two tours is all my wife would wait for so I got out after 12 years.

This site is the only one I signed up with. Dave and all the guys here are swell. We had many more but they moved on to other sites and/or are taking dirt naps. God Bless them all I miss them - we are all Brother's/Sister's regardless of race or religion. It's a bond of which can never be taken away.

Many I served with were either killed or died already which only means I'm next in the food chain. But until then I will raise hell and will talk with anyone who wants to shoot the shit. Maintain always! Keep your cool and be the Veteran's you are or going to be. This Brotherhood and now Sisterhood needs our support and backing. Congress doesn't seem to mind sending us to these shitholes but as long as we remain a family they can't break our spirit or goals.

Fly the Flag make other's that come home Welcome and be supportive. Join a VFW or American Legion keep in touch with those returning - they need to know what they did for the USA. VA center's "Welcome Home" to them still goes a long way.

For this old Boats - remember all that serve (regardless of duty) "all" are our Brother's and Sister's. Never forget this - or this Old Boats may haunt you - only kidding - or am I?

Grab a beer and come on board! Dave needs your support. I won't be here much longer so I'm passing the torch to you new guys! Sign up and post don't just read!

Best Regards -
Boats (VN Vet) 8-6-18

Late note: Vote each time you log in to this web site it's important to keep our activity posted and it means alot to Dave! - Boats

Boats 08-18-2018 05:21 PM

8-18-18 Update on my feelings!
Hey Guys & Gals - I just deleted my earlier less pleasant statement that I want to say because you couldn't understand the issues at hand. The mid-06's and early 70's we deserved better. We had no flower's in our hair when we were on the line doing what we were told to do. We all lost many friends during this period of which I will never forget. We were dishonored by the people of this country upon our return. We the lucky ones reserve our right to declare this. I lost many school friends during this conflict as you called it. I had to meet with these parents when I returned.

Note: While many of you were draft dodgers - or smoking your dope and partying. You have no idea what this did to those in the field!

I hope you choke on your burnt draft cards and inturn meet your maker to justify your excuses to our maker.


Boats 08-18-2018 05:29 PM

Yes I've had a few beers
My neighbor and I were recapping our lives and this discussion came up after our 6th beer.
We both talked about those years and felt empty that the returnees had to succumb to such and ordeal at the airports. Yes I'm a veteran and yes I had at least 6 beers but I'll be damned if I will withdraw the statements that still ring in my head upon my arrival at the airport in Chicago.


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