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Boats 06-05-2018 09:55 AM

US Army tests CBRNE detection systems
US Army tests CBRNE detection systems
5th June 2018 - 15:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team

The US Army has tested new chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) detection systems, the army announced on 30 May.

The Radiological Detection System (RDS) and Joint Personal Detector (JPD) devices are designed to increase the effectiveness and accuracy of CBRNE detection capabilities. The RDS is a portable sensor used to identify and classify threats, while the JPD is a wrist-mounted device that monitors radiation exposure levels.

The 20th CBRNE's Nuclear Disablement Team carried out an operational test to produce data on both units to inform senior army leaders on how effective, suitable and reliable RDS and JPD will be during real-world operations.

The equipment will improve soldier understanding of the radiological and nuclear (RN) environment through detection of RN threats, as well as provide a means to support the assessment of vulnerability to RN hazards in general.

The RDS is expected to replace the US Department of Defense’s legacy Radiation Detection and Computation survey meters as well as US Coast Guard, and other nations' legacy systems.

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