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HARDCORE 09-14-2018 10:39 AM

More Commercials - To Pay For More Commercials

They say that talking heads do not come cheap these days, and every time that a national emergency rears its ugly little nostrils, the media networks have got to prove the wisdom behind this logic! “God, what would these newsmen and newswomen do if someone, somewhere, wasn’t hurting severely in one way or another?”

Of course it must always be remembered that the poor slob who is reporting onsite does not have the niceties as do those who are sequestered, warm and secure, within their studios, many miles away from the actual scene of the mayhem! And this became apparent (once again) this morning when I watched “Hurricane Florence” ripping away at portions of The Carolinas!

As a matter of fact, and even though “Florence” is now registered as a “Category 1 Blow Hard”, for those of you who have never had to whether one of these storms, or those heroic news folks who report on them from the other side of “Our Country” (and this with a makeup artist and a shot of bourbon close at hand), it is sought of like reporting on a war from some barroom stool that is half a world away from the actual muzzle blasts, at least in my own far-removed opinion!


Boats 09-14-2018 11:02 AM

It's big business
HC - I know where your coming from. But the Weather Channel and their people do their best to warn the people of possible harm. It's a bit dramatic I'm sure at times for each person has their agenda's on how they want to position themselves for the best action results. It's sorta like tornado chasers. Many folks like watching that crap. After its over they wait for the next big event to show up and the drama continues. Their sponsors pour their money into them in hopes to generate more sales. The real cost is to the folks in those areas who loose almost everything and sometimes their lives.

The media knows how to build up the drama and the weather channels get their subsidies to make a profit and payroll and their sponsors get more sales. Notice all the generator adds that were on. GENTEC for power outages. Start at $1995.00 (note for a very small generator). Yea right get a quote and see the cost - I got a quote for my whole house and garage - I almost fell over 30K or more with installation. Shocker for sure but if I had the money I may get one but most of us don't have those dollars. A whole new separate control box is needed and it didn't cover installation.


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