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HARDCORE 02-18-2020 01:43 PM

On Government, Politicians & We The People

There are many people out there who tend to believe that any similarity between government, politicians and “We the People” is purely coincidental – and sometimes I too tend to concur! Unfortunately however, and especially during election time, the battle for (so-called) public office, more closely resembles a screaming cat fight than it does a debate in political civility!

So how, I ask you, can people who claim to share some of the same values leap at each other’s throats in such a vile and vicious manner during the primaries, and then unite to devour the remains of any another hapless creature that challenges its ego and its meal-ticket, and this, merely because they part their hair on the opposite political side, or they bow down at the alter of some over-inflated pachyderm or even jackass?

And do tell me again – “Why is it that a few of these very same political enemies, end up in the same sacks or on similar barroom floors at twilight or they are sucking down suds and chasing it off with a stiff shot of bottle and bond, at the expense of “We the People” as the Sun begins to set, each and every night? But then, I almost forgot – “It’s All Just Politics – Right?!”
People” Ever Do To Deserve Such A Splendid Blessing?


Boats 02-18-2020 02:37 PM

HC - I have to agree with you. Unity is a problem between these two systems. Why I'm not sure but its a problem. You would think unification matters but there are skeptics in both party systems that have a distrust between their two organizations. Why we can't get everyone to be on the same page is mostly likely our associations with different groups and different thinking patterns. We all have different ideas and concepts of which ones interruption of a given ruling - may differ with another. This is something we need to work on. American's "we are" but we are also free thinkers - and have different ideals and social structures which are inherent in each of us - thereby using those issues to guide us in our lives.


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