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Waffa 03-27-2009 09:01 AM

Do you know what kind of ships whit nuclear weapon's are these near in N.Marianas?
I lived almost 4 years in Northern Marianas islands and everyone did know there is these huge ships there whit tanks, and fighters & nuclear weapon's on board etc. I heard, that one time when after tropical storm there was no water & electricity on Saipan island then one ship was supplying entire island whit clean water from sea and electricity ( 60 000 people + apx. 40 000 Chinese garment workers ). I cant say how big they was in meters but usual ship looked like small bug compared to these.

So i was talking here whit my friends, and we started to thinking, what type of shipts are these? There was at least 4-5 of them i would say (not sore if they all are same). Only things i can find that would somehow compare would be these there: - can anyone confirm this? They do not look so powerful and also their home ports are in virgina, california, hawaii not in Northen Mariana Islands / CNMI or Saipan port.

These sips was also on alert everytime Korea was testing weabombs or threatened USA etc (like we did know that something big is going on if these ships was mooved).

if anyone have any idea what i am talking about and what kind of ship are these there? My friends from millitary was interested but i was unable to give them any intelligent answer about it unfortunatelly.

I should have one video also about 2 of them from far away, but not sore where this video is.

Boats 03-27-2009 12:38 PM

Only a guess
The large white tanks may be concealing radar elements. Everyone one has these to scan the large tracks of space to ensure nothing is coming into their air space. They may also have sonar devices to sweep the sea's for those who are under the water. We all try to secure as much information as we can. Listening devices will pick up communication between sources then they try to decipher those messages.

It's highly unlikely they are nukes on board those vessels they are too obvious. These are just my thoughts on this issue. Other's may have more data. Remember all Governments are always searching the airways, seas and space to monitor movements of those who would do us harm. Satellites are watching 24/7 and can really see a lot more than they will tell you.

Your military is always watching.

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