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HARDCORE 01-13-2019 01:12 PM

The Right Hand

Apparently, in politics, the right hand does not always know what the left hand is doing? And much less, far too many of us appear not to even care?

And to those of you who still claim that “It’s All Just Politics”, then might I remind you that this is exactly what every other once mighty empire also said in times past, just before, that is, they took their final and irreparable death plunge! But then, we are the exception to this rule – right? “And after all, this finality could never overtake us, now could it?”

So let me ask you this again my fellow patriots – what makes any of us so damned sure that we are immortal? Or that we can make the very same mistakes that every other gargantuan oligarchy has made in times past, and then still, like “The Legendary Phoenix”, continue to rise anew from our very own ashes, twice as strong, and forever defiant to the core?

Of course, and this is only my opinion, but past world history has proven the fallacy of this line of reasoning, time and time again in fact! And no one, except for “Our Illustrious and Eminently Courageous Founding Fathers”, could have even envisioned never-ending prosperity and the eternal survival of our progeny? “But the fact remains that he who wishes in one hand and then defecates in the other, quickly comes to realize which hand fills up first!”

And as such, it is my opinion that we must remain forever vigilant, forever powerful, forever prepared, forever mighty, and forever resolute, if we even hope to achieve the “FOREVER” part of this equation!


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