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82Rigger 05-02-2002 11:32 PM

Some are easy, some not so easy. I'll post the answers after everyone who wants to try it has a chance.

Have fun!

Sports Gear

1. On a darts board, what number is directly opposite No. 1 ?

2. What color is the cue ball in pool ?

3. What is the craft of making arrows called ?

4. In Cycle Racing, what is a sag wagon ?

5. The apparatus used by male gymnasts consists of vaulting horse, pommel horse, horizontal bars, rings and floor. Which of these pieces of apparatus do women use ?

6. Essential equipment for a boxer comprises gloves, hand tape, protector below the waist, boots and what else ?

7. Why do American footballers paint black marks across their cheeks ?

8. In Ice-Hockey what are puck-stoppers ?

9. In the early days of cricket, a bowler who took three wickets in a row was presented with a top hat. What modern term comes from this practice ?

10. What sport has four different color codes for the balls, ranging from yellow for hot conditions to blue for cold conditions ?

11. Apart from body padding, what protection do some baseball players wear ?

12. In hot air ballooning, how is the maneuvering or cooling valve used ?

13. How many red balls are there in snooker ?

14. Which sport uses stones and a house ?

15. Starting blocks are used on athletic tracks. Runners push their feet against them to get the fastest possible start. What else can they be used for ?

16. In fencing, which is the heavier weapon: the foil or the ?p?e ?

17. What is the difference in shape between rugby and soccer balls ?

18. Kendo is one of the traditional Japanese martial arts and the participants use a type of sword. From what is the sword made ?

19. What type of shots are woods used for in golf ?

20. What color is the centre scoring zone of an archery target ?

21. All the hoops in croquet are painted white, except the last one, called the rover, which has a different colour on the crown. Which color is it ?

22. Why are the officials in American football known as zebras ?

23. From what fairly light-weight wood is a bat for the sport of cricket traditionally made from ?

24. In the sport of archery, what material are the arrows usually made from ?

25. Soccer boots have interchangeable studs. The studs for wet and slippery surfaces are made from aluminium. What studs are used for playing on hard ground ?


Airborne! Steve / 82Rigger

phuloi 05-03-2002 01:18 AM

Steve..having read through the quiz,and discovering that I may be able to answer mabe one or two of the questions,I will take your advice...and have fun! 1.Not a clue 2.White 3.Fletching? 4.A woodie with broken springs 5.Vault and floor 6.An appetite for human ear flesh 7.To copy baseball players 8.Teeth 9.What the hell is cricket? 10.Endurance swimming 11.Condoms 12.Very carefully 13.Looks like too many 14.Window bustin 15.Weapons of mass destruction 16.Don`t know about the French thing,but it`s gotta be heavier than foil 17.The shape 18.Bamboo 19.Aw shit-I hit a tree shots 20.Blue? 21.Croquet? A sport? 22.They get pissed if you call them asses 23.What the hell is cricket? 24.Aluminum 25.HMMMM? This is a trick question,right? FUN FUN :confused: :rolleyes: :D :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Packo 05-03-2002 07:59 AM

OK, here we go
1. 18?

2. White

3. Shafting?

4. What happened to my stomach.

5. Vauting and Floor

6. Mouth Piece

7. Reduce glare

8. Goalie faces?

9. Hat Trick

10 Boinking

11 Cups

12 Releases hot air

13 Depends on how many Indians are playing

14 Curling

15 Airplane chalks

16 Foil

17 Round and oblong

18 Bamboo

19 Drives, longer shots, (except for the 7, 9, and above)

20 Yellow?

21 Red?

22 Striped shirts

23 Balsa

24 Wood

25 Rubber?

Alright, yuk it up guys, most were guesses.

Nice to have a quizz back, thanks Steve!


Andy 05-03-2002 10:20 AM

the quiz
1. Dart board, opposite #1, #19.
2. Color of a cue ball? It?s sort of egg shell, usually with blue chalk marks on it.
3. Making arrows is called, Cupid-ism.
4. What is a Sag wagon, in cycling? That?s where Mr. & Mrs. Sag watch the race.
5. What apparatus do women use? I?ve seen women vault; use a horizontal bar- what a quaint name for it; rings - yes they all want one of those; the floor exercise, oh yes on the floor is great but there should be carpet and pillows.
6. Equipment for a boxer not mentioned? A promoter who?s hair looks like he just grabbed onto a 220 volt wire.
7. Football players paint black on their cheeks to cut down on the sun?s glare and to look mean so none of the other guys get grabby in the huddle.
8. What are puck stoppers? poles on the side of the net and goalies who do not play for the Bruins.
9. In cricket, a bowler who took down three wickets got a top hat. Today in hockey it?s called the hat trick, something Boston Bruins never do.
10. The sport that has different colored balls and cold is blue balls? Steve there are women on this site and they probable don?t like it being called a sport.
11. Protection baseball players wear? Do they stuff their uniforms with 100 dollar bills?
12. Using the cool air valve in air ballooning? Sure you turn on the cool air and hold your beer very close to it, works like a charm.
13. How many red balls in snooker? You snookered me on this one, is it three or four?
14. The sport using stones and a house? Lets see, your wife gets stoned with her boyfriend and takes your house in the sport of divorce.
15. What can starting blocks be used for? You get three of them and make a triangle, then you put your helmet on them and dump several C-rat meals into them, set some C-4 on fire and make troll stew.
16. In fencing the heavier weapon in the split rail fence.
17. The rugby ball is oblong and you hurt when you carry it. Soccer balls are round and you really shouldn?t carry them, it?s bad form really.
18. The Japanese used bamboo Kendo swords, which may be the reason they lost WWII.
19. You use ?woods? in golf to hit the ball long and with loft, however this seldom occurs and regularly causes gentlemen to use bad words.
20. The center of an archery target is sort of a cherry color.
21. The color of the last hoop in croquet? At Wal-Mart their all sort of a dull steel color.
22. Officials in Football are know as Zebras because they have black and white shirts and because you get thrown out of the game if you call them what you really think.
23. Bats for playing cricket are make from aluminum trees which often grow where farmers do their dental floss farming. (It?s all the silicon in the soil.)
24. What material are the arrows made from? Well, they take a tree and cut away all the parts that aren?t an arrow.
25. What gets screwed into the bottom of soccer boots to play on hard ground? Rubber ones, just like the pads on an APC.

Stay healthy,

Keith_Hixson 05-03-2002 10:31 AM

I asked for this!!
1. 7
2. White
3. Arrowsmith do shafting?
4. Equipment and repair van?
5. vault, floor, bars (men: single bar, women 2 bars parallel)
6. socks, shorts
7. darken the reflection of sun
8. Face Masks or ones face without a mask
9. Pass the Hat or hats off to you?
10. water polo?
11. helmets
12. Heating valve = up Cooling valve = down
13. 4
14. curling
15. tripping the competion. Sitting on?
16. epee
17. oblong for rugby, round for soccer
18. bamboo
19. Usually longer shots, 200 + yds. Putting from rough.
20. red
21. blue
22. striped shirts
23. spruce
24. cedar & feathers - now aluminum
25. rubber

Now these are guesses.


Drywall 05-03-2002 11:03 AM

Here goes
1. 10?
2. white
3. Fletching?
4. ??????
5. vaulting horse and floor
6. mouth guard
7. Don't know cause most play indoors now
8. goalie
9. bowler hat
10. ?????
11. batting gloves
12. to desend
13. 15
14. curling
15. ????
16. le' epee'
17. oblong vs round
18. bamboo
19. tee or long fairway
20. red
21. red
22. stripped shirts
23. elm
24. wood-cedar, metal-aluminum
25. rubber

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