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HARDCORE 05-17-2019 11:16 AM

Bad Habits

Those people, and those societies as well, that think that they can continue to operate utilizing the very same bad habits and blunders that literally destroyed every other promising civilization in times past, are (to quote a current colloquialism): “Puffing Upon The Wrong Weed!”

Only a damned fool after all, could possibly ever think that they could engage in the same critical faux pas (mistakes) that have literally wrecked every other great empire within the span of human history, and expect a different outcome, are delusional at best? Or could it be that with all our advanced education, sophistication, information and even smarts en masse, we are still as dumb as posts, and legends within but our own minds?

So what has brought us to this point in time when even our advanced technology, along with all of the other miraculous wonders of this magnificent society of ours, still have not conjured up a way to overcome the most basic of all human evils, those being - “War, disease, greed, inequality, lust, avarice and sloth, along with all of the other ominous creatures that lurk within the darkest and most loathsome recesses of mankind’s inner being?”

But then carry on amigos (friends), until we finally do arrive at that point of no return, and far beyond any crossroads that once offered mankind his one final opportunity to reverse course and recast his potential destiny? And when humanity finally does arrive at this terminal crux in time, will it expire with nary a whimper, or will we all bellow aloud and profess our innocence of all worldly transgressions – great and small alike? “For were we not all righteously created and ordained, and any ship of beings that was so blessedly endowed could never possibly journey so far off-course - “Now Could It?”


Boats 05-17-2019 12:02 PM

HC - your right!

There doesn't look like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are spiraling downward rather than upward and forward.
We are a planet of imploders - and we call ourselves great thinkers and doers. Hmmmm we've learn so little after so long.


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