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Arrow The Truth Amidst Liars?

FOX NEWS - A noted Republican Colorado Congressman has just admitted that although we may (?) be winning the War On Terrorism abroad, we are getting our asses kicked domestically!?

Hell, even some of the Border Patrolmen that I have personally chatted with, are all but disgusted over the figures (reported v unreported) concerning the illegal traffic that is streaming northward into areas that lay to the east and west of checkpoints!? And to infuriate matters even more, the Canadian Border too, as well as the oceans that sit astride our great country, are also leaking like a sieve!!

Granted, much ado is made about illegal immigration from the south! The criminal traffic from the other three directions (North, East and West), however, is also epidemic! And what is Tom Ridge doing about it - applying a Band-Aid perhaps?

The man (Tom Ridge) is to be applauded for his ideas and his zeal, but Joe Palooka (the mythical heavyweight boxer) also had a big heart, yet he too sometimes found himself flat upon his back through underestimating or misreading a dangerous foe!

Illegals have the motivation to attempt [over and over again], to cross our borders! No money, no hope, and no future in their homelands, being the catalyst. And even with all of that offshore oil in Mexico, and the resulting mega cash flow, it seems that very little $$ finds its way into the shallow pockets of the Mexican Poor! ?Sounds a little like Iraq, does it not!?

Why is it that guys like Hussein, Marcos, Noriega and others, always manage to become super wealthy with American help and aid, while the people of these nations themselves suffer, starve and die at the same time? I think that we all know the answer to that - ?GREED, CONNECTIONS, INEQUALITY, INTIMIDATION, FOREIGN APATHY and VESTED POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT!!? In other words, many a prominant hand, stuck deeply in the "Pie of State!"

But getting back to our border problems, very little fault can be heaped upon our magnificent ?Men In Green?, the United States Border Patrol, Department of Justice (in my opinion)! Most of these dedicated individuals are but kids themselves. Kids that often stand alone or in tiny groups and in grave danger, attempting to hold back a flood of humanity, often better armed than they are!

The major weapon of the Border Patrol is usually but a 40 caliber hand-gun, and even at that, these brave protectors of our borders are limited as to it's use! Where-as some of those making the illegal crossings, are armed with AK-47s, Grenade Launchers and other assorted automatic weapons.

And when these illegals are caught, they are merely processed, fed, medically-treated, and handled with kid gloves (better treatement than afforded to many of our own)!! They are then given an all-expense-paid bus ride back to the border, to try again tomorrow! "And this is often a bi-partisan way of dealing with this mounting problem!?"

The real problem here is not only the often inferior equipment, poor funding, and systemic apathy toward our enforcement agents, displayed by government itself, but mostly the mindset of the "Big Boys On 'BOTH' Sides Of The Border!!" All of that "National Press" about a real game plan, unlimited resources, and absolute resolve, ends right there, along with the lives of far too many fallen Border Patrol Agents!

On top of the heap, of course (The Very Top), pressure is being applied to make a big show of it, but to keep the status quo at the same time (opinion)! American Farmers and ranchers do, after all, need the cheap labor, the Mexican government is bitching up a storm over contentions of abuse of their illegal nationals, and even some in our government as well, are more concerned about international ramifications, that the security of our own borders and domestic survival (opinion)!

And when one panacea fails, as they inevitably do, there is always another miracle worker waiting in the midst to spring forth like "Christ Reincarnated!" The only trouble is that these "Wizards of The Badlands", somehow always manage to turn wine into urine, and promises into excrement! (opinion)

Can we solve this problem you ask - I think so says I! The minute that we close or restrict our borders (at least as a temporary moritorium), enlist National Guard Help along those borders, smack the shit out of, foreign ass-kissing special interests, and emulate Sean Connery in the movie ?The Untouchables?, the battle is half won!

If you saw the flick (Untouchables), you may recall, a subordinant (Connery) asking Elliot Ness: "What was he was prepared to do to eliminate the crime problem? "In other words, how far was he prepared to go", and the rest is movie history!

Well, as now concerns illegal immigration, the boys in power, on both sides of the line, have answered this question without reservation! And when you have finished wiping the spit from your face, and the boot prints from your ass, maybe their response will dawn on you too!? ?And Maybe Not!??

?Slander, lies, character assassination -- these things are a threat to every single citizen, everywhere in this country. When even one American -- who has done nothing wrong -- is forced, I fear, to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril!"

"It is the job of all of us -- of every American who loves his country and his freedom -- to rise up and put a stop to this terrible business!
Harry S. Truman, [1884-1972] Thirty-Third President, in a speech to the American Legion in 1950!!

And in response to some foreign nations who insist on calling we Americans ?PIGS?. Might I remind them of the words of President Ronald Reagan in a 1970 press conference - Reagan said, and I quote: ?I am very proud to be called a PIG - it stands for PRIDE, INTEGRITY and GUTS!!?


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