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Default HARCORE...

Very good and informative post (as usual). But then, and in fairness,...TRUTH usually is infinitely better in general, than the standard soothing and pacifying B.S. politically propagated about Our Illegal Alien Invasion of many tears. Though, isn't it a shame that even with Our Quite Lethal Security Problems, TRUTH has to take a back seat to a generally quite stupid and security-defeating political-correctness and/or politically excusing even the most absurd.

Still,...believe I caught a typo. Believe you meant saying instead of: "Illegal immigrants",...criminally-illegal entrants. Hey,...just a little nit-picken. Plus, and after all, by now everyone must know (or at least should know) that THOSE sneaking into America daily and in such large numbers,...aren't all interested in bettering themselves and America in the slightest. Some of THOSE illegals simply want no more than to kill as many Americans as is possible.

Thusly, I say screw that political-correctness and/or foreign and racial preferentiality that permits such nonsense exist. Hey,...American Civilians (of whatever ethnicity or race) shouldn't be: "Cannon fodder" as was in days of old for soldiers,...just to make some foreigners and their American political encouragers of such happy.

Besides, if concerned Americans want to SPONSOR some foreign friends or relatives as was normally done before, I'm sure that such is still permissable. Granted, if the sponsored immigrant couldn't cut-it on his own, no Benies like Welfare & Free Medical were available for such, and The SPONSOR had to care totally for same immigrant or send him or her back.

Seems like such was a fair immigration system to me (MUCH FAIRER to The U.S. Taxpayer also). Guess that's what they call: "The good old days" and/or when caught Criminally-Illegal Aliens were deported, and passage for same was paid-for by their country of origin . Another "MUCH FAIRER" ditto-ditto-ditto.

Neil :cl:
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