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Default POWs


From your post and other things I have read about the KOrean War, the atrocities committed by the North Koreans and their Chinese friends make Hitler and his cohorts look down-right civilized !
As more and more of these "stories" were and still are being verified, is it any wonder that the rest of the world regards the Koreans and Chinese as the ultimate barbarians ? Dating back to days even before Ghengis Khan, the Chinese were making a "name" for themselves. Even today, the Chinese as well as the North Korean leaders continue to show the world that they have no regard for human life, or wanting to be part of the civilized world.
My salute to Shorty and the others who managed to survive atrocities that we can only, in the most vaguest of terms, imagine. I can only hope and pray that God reserves a special place in Hell for the likes of their tormentors.
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