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More On The Tiger Death March

Got your package and I am back on line again. I don't know if I told you but I have tried for years to get the Bronze Star (Meritorious) for the Tiger Survivors. We got cheated out of it and no one will listen at the top. I can't let it go.

Love, Peace and Freedom
Shorty the Tiger

Friend Shorty -

Founder and member of the "Tiger Death March Survivors of Korea...."

"How soon we forget!"

Your idea of the Bronze Star for the "Tiger March Victims" is noble and overdue indeed! More than that, the Bronze Star "AND" the Purple Heart for these gallant men (and woman) most of which expired, is, in my humble opinion quintessential to the honor of our nation, as well as these brave souls who gave it their all!

Keep up the good fight, never let go, never accept defeat, and never roll over to those who would take lightly- the honor and sacrifices of others!!

People have got to acquaint themselves with what is (and has) gone on all around them in the past and present!! Only when one knows that something has to be done, or something is wrong, can they unite and correct it!

When, after World War II, we executed some Axis War Criminals, yet we rolled out the red carpet to some of those same enemy scientists who sought to develop nuclear bombs and missiles with which to destroy us, we sent our own people a tragic message!

We also gave a first class welcome to some of those "Japanese Beasts" who were messing around with genetics, chemicals, biologics and other vile experimentation upon the indigenous populations in China, as well as sheltering those who conducted similar Cold War experimentation, 1955-1967 (and beyond), upon our own! "The alarm should have been sounded right then, and some tried, but thus far to little avail!"

Then when some of our own spent better than half of a century, destroying records, refusing to recognize, covering up for, and abjectly denying that these atrocities ever took place, we took a giant leap in the wrong direction (opinion)! We closed our eyes to the truth! And remember this - ?Only the truth will set us all free from the mistakes of the past!!?

Again Shorty, keep up the good fight in attempting to attain the recognition for the "Tiger Death March Survivors of the Korean War!" Recognition and respect that they have earned and deserve!

My wife's uncle, as you know, Corporal Melvin Morgan (L Company, 3rd Battalion, 21rst Infantry Regiment, 24th, Infantry Division) was a member of that captive Tiger group and died as a POW of starvation and beatings, near the Yalu River, North Korea, on 6 December 1950!

"We may not always win every battle, but we can sure as Hell - can fight every fight!"

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