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Default bird houses in odd places around here ...

We had a willow tree planted near our back porch from about 1990 - 1999. A robin ( and its babies when grown ) began to nest there low in th tree. I suspect part of the reason was there was a light in there all the time and she felt safe... This past spring I noticed a robin in the tree near our back fence ( we have a odd shaped yard, so wasn't far from where the willow tree was planted ) singing an odd song. Robins don't usually sing like other birds. I believe she was telling us she missed the willow tree and was going to make a nest close by..well she did. In this picture the nest was made where the downspout turns up to the gutter. My wife threw the nest away before I could get a picture..the odd thing was there is a small hole just behind the gutter where a starling had made a nest inside the flashing above the bathroom window for almost all the 15 years we have lived here..Once the robin moved the starling left....

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