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Default Do 'gulf war illness' vets look like Vietnam Vets health-wise?

Research Advisory Committee on GWV concludes 11-17-08 that there IS a gulf war illness
There was a media blitz on 11/17/08

for gulf war illness issues

I think it applies to other vets & civilians with CFIDS, CFS, FM, too

help for gulf war illness & other vets & CFIDS civilians




Why I suspect BUTYL not AO as the primary cause of harm to the Vietnam Vets,

Primary harm to WWII vets & many who worked in manufacturing in the 30s & 40s to present 11-19-08

Special thanks to the Advisory Committee on Gulf War Vets who have spent a lot of time gathering information and reporting their findings to the public and to the Federal Government. What to do next?
Three Soldiers Die after 'flu' symptoms 2005

So, what are the 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms?

Health harm to Vietnam Vets
Find ANEMIA for proof that EGBE causes CFIDS, CFS, FM,
'gulf war illness'*

The Dizziness is part of 'the anemia'


Suspect that Cancer is Secondary to 'the anemia of CFIDS'
that doctors are looking for *
Maybe not a metastasizing issue!
This is the 'shrapnel' chemical exposure *
Where it shows up first is irrelevant

Three Soldiers Die after 'flu' symptoms

Marine Corps Hymn

Research Committee on GWV concludes 11-17-08 that there IS a gulf war illness
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