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Default SuperScout,...

While truthfully explaining factual realities vs Gimpy's and such usually propagating
otherwise, you failed mentioning one important point about his adored & venerated Master.

Such being that: "His Barackness" has amazingly & in short order become even a worse
Commander-In-Chief than: "Slick Willy" and/or ex-President Bill Clinton.

Given daily realities unfolding, most in U.S. Military must be wondering just who-the-hell
Obama is TRULY Concerned About? Apparently it's NOT "THEM"!

No wonder Military Morale has Hit A New Low, never before in American History.
None like sticking necks out,...just so Civilian Warlords can succeed at political appeasement.

You Political Rulers don't really want to defeat, kill & destroy enemy & achieve Total Victory?

Well then all You Lawyers (what lords usually are), just order Red Cross & Democrat ACORN: "Community Organizers" into Hostile Muslim Lands INSTEAD. Save: "America's Finest" to help defend & protect the U.S. Borders & all We American Citizens within, INSTEAD.

The current D.C. Dictatorial Clique certainly won't like such. But, "We The People" sure would.

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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