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Default Joy,...

Thanks for supplying more info on the top level snub,...for whatever cockamamie reasons.

Still, I was quite surprised that America's Top Suspect of Intent Phony EVER passed-up such
a great opportunity for FURTHER FEIGNING Support of The U.S. Military so-damn-easily,
and/or as normally or usually done by most typical Democrat Wartime Under-miners.

Guess his hacks, confidants, handlers or string-pullers pretty-much screwed-up typically Show Biz-wise and/or in the perpetually Dem Campaigning mode,...on that one?

Old Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. better straighten out such Inept Phonies.
Hell, after all and before you know it, The American People will actually start waking-up.
Democrats & America's enemies certainly can't have that.

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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