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Well, we would also need to leave some nukes for Mr. Kim Jong's country, some for soviets, some for chinks, some for.. well i think we just cant nuke everyone we do not like

But yeah, this is one solution you give & guarantee that bombs all over USA cities would start to go off killing way more people then ever in US ( you really think people over there would not have money to buy bombs from other fanatics, some left over uranium from soviets for example etc). You know this many virtual huge terror camps Fox was talking about after 911 and u maybe wonder, why basically no terror attacks have been happening in USA? Well, then you can be sore there will be some real bombings & difference is that they want to die to get to the heaven but we western people do not want.. so they will not be afraid...
Anyway, but now, if someone actually is brave and knowledgeable enough to discuss this Afganistan subject, i am waiting.

do i need to add, that afganistan is bordering Pakistan (95% Muslims), and no way USA can afford take on Pakistan (and their friends..) also (like if u try to something so stupid like nuke as last poster told)

Thread is not expiring because the issue is not expiring before there is some kind of solution in Afghanistan.
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