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Originally Posted by Stick View Post
I'm not too sure how I did as a father but, several years ago, a couple of those that I fathered made me a "Grand" father. Less than a week ago the first of those Grandchildren had to make me a "Great Grandfather."
Amanda Hope came into the world at 6 lbs. 14 oz.'s with beautiful blue eyes. She's named after her Aunt Mandy that passed almost 9 years ago and has huge shoes to fill if she's to be anything like her namesake.
Hope is our 4th Great-Grandchild but it's really hard thinking of your kids being Grandmas. Heck I can remember those kids peeing their pants.
Hope is Therese (Terri's) granddaughter and Terri was our first kid which means that I call her "Number 1" to this day. Ashley's Terri's first and she's always been "Number Eleven" to me.
And now there's "Hundred Eleven."
What a blessing! I can't even remember either of my Grandpa's and today I'm a Great-Grandpa. Those kids are going to know who I am.
Congrats, Stick on being a GGP! I have a few years to wait for that grand moment!
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